Must-see attractions in Fiji

  • Waterfall in a park, Waisila Falls, Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, Viti Levu, Fiji

    Colo-i-Suva Forest Park


    Colo-i-Suva (pronounced tholo-ee-soo-va) is a 2.5-sq-km oasis of lush rainforest teeming with tropical plants and vivid and melodic bird life. The 6.5km…

  • Fiji Museum


    This museum offers a great journey into Fiji’s historical and cultural and evolution. To enjoy the exhibits in chronological order, start with the…

  • Produce stall at Suva Municipal Market

    Suva Municipal Market


    It’s the beating heart of Suva and a great place to spend an hour or so poking around with a camera. The boys with barrows own the lanes and they aren’t…

  • Exterior of colorful Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple

    Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple


    This riotously bright Hindu temple is one of the few places outside India where you can see traditional Dravidian architecture; the wooden carvings of…

  • Mariamma Temple


    The South Indian fire-walking festival is held here during July or August. Of all Fiji's cultural rituals, the extraordinary art of fire walking is…

  • Viti Levu, Western Division, Fiji, Pacific

    Tavuni Hill Fort

    Coral Coast

    Although there are many forts like it scattered all over Fiji, Tavuni Hill Fort is the most accessible for visitors. Built in the 18th century by Tongan…

  • Interior of the Assambly of Fiji in the city of Suva. Viti Levu island. Oceania.

    Parliament of Fiji


    Opened in June 1992, the parliament complex must be one of the world’s most striking political hubs. It was designed in the post-1987 atmosphere. The aim…

  • Fiji, Tavoro National Park, Taveuni Island, Middle Bouma Falls

    Tavoro Waterfalls


    Framed by thick, ridiculously green jungle, these three waterfalls (also known as the Bouma Falls) epitomise the 'Garden Island' epithet Taveuni is famous…

  • Baby Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Nadi, Fiji

    Kula Eco Park

    Coral Coast

    This wildlife sanctuary showcases some magnificent wildlife. This includes Fiji’s only native land mammal, the Fijian flying fox; and an aviary full of…

  • FIJI - JANUARY 11: Volcanic rocks in a subtropical forest, Koroyanitu National Heritage Park, Viti Levu Island, Fiji Islands. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)

    Koroyanitu National Heritage Park


    If you are a keen walker or nature lover, the Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is definitely worth a visit. There are six villages within the park that…

  • Sigatoka Sand Dunes

    Coral Coast

    One of Fiji's natural highlights, these impressive dunes are a ripple of peppery monoliths skirting the shoreline near the mouth of the Sigatoka River…

  • Bouma Falls, Island of Taveuni, Fiji

    Bouma National Heritage Park


    This national park protects over 80% of Taveuni's total area, covering about 150 sq km (57 sq mi) of rainforest and coastal forest. The park includes the…

  • Fiji, Suva, Exterior vew of Sacred Heart Cathedral.

    Roman Catholic Cathedral


    This 1902 cathedral is built from sandstone imported from Sydney and is one of Suva’s most prominent landmarks.

  • Albert Park


    Charles Kingsford Smith was the first aviator to cross the Pacific, flying in his little Fokker trimotor, The Southern Cross, from California to Australia…

  • Navilawa

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    The rocky 4WD road to Navilawa hugs the Sabeto River, and there are some perfect swimming holes and waterfalls to plunge in: ask permission first from any…

  • University of the South Pacific


    While not necessarily a must-see from a tourist’s perspective, this is the foremost provider of tertiary education to the island nations of the Pacific…

  • Snake God Cave

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    At Wailotua village, 23km west of Korovou, the Snake God Cave is one of the largest caves in Fiji. The name is derived from six glittering stalactites in…

  • Momi Guns

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    Turn off the sealed road at the signpost to the guns, and onto 4km of rattling gravel road. This leads to two 6in guns that were installed here by the New…

  • Nananu-i-Ra


    This pocket-sized paradise is a must on any northern Viti Levu itinerary. Beautifully hilly, the 3.5-sq-km island is surrounded by scalloped bays, white…

  • Musket Cove Marina

    Mamanuca Group

    This excellent marina attracts yachties from all over the world. There are 27 moorings ($15 per day), 25 marina berths (from $2 per metre, per day),…

  • Naiserelagi Catholic Mission

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    About 25km southeast of Rakiraki, overlooking Viti Levu Bay, this 1917 church is famous for its mural depicting a black Christ, painted in 1962 by Jean…

  • Wasavula Ceremonial Site

    Vanua Levu

    This site has a cryptic – and cannibalistic – history. At the entrance, there's a sacred monolith that villagers believe grew from the ground; behind is a…

  • Waitavala Water Slide


    Wahooo! This awesome natural slide is a ton of fun. Slide down on your bum or attempt it standing up, like the local kids. Either way, you’ll end up in a…

  • Thurston Gardens


    After visiting the museum, ponder on your new found knowledge with a wander through these compact but beautiful gardens ( M032A). The dense conglomeration…

  • Sri Krishna Kaliya Temple

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    Fiji has the highest percentage of Hare Krishnas per capita in the world and this temple is the foremost International Society for Krishna Consciousness …

  • Abaca

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    Koroyanitu National Heritage Park is accessed via Abaca (Am-ba-tha) village, southeast of Lautoka, but you can't go alone: trails have been unmaintained…

  • Naag Mandir Temple

    Vanua Levu

    The sacred 3m-high Cobra Rock is housed inside the vibrant Naag Mandir Temple. It's draped with flower-and-tinsel garlands, and offerings are placed at…

  • Nukubolu

    Vanua Levu

    Deep in the mountains north of Savusavu, reachable by 4WD, lie the ruins of Nukubolu, an ancient Fijian village whose stone foundations, terraces and…

  • Lomolomo Guns

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    There is an abandoned battery of guns at Lomolomo, on a low rise at the foot of the Sabeto Mountains. Built in WWII to protect Nadi Bay, they are hardly a…

  • Lake Tagimaucia


    Lake Tagimaucia is in an old volcanic crater in the mountains above Somosomo. Masses of vegetation float on the lake (823m above sea level), and the…

  • Waisali Rainforest Reserve

    Vanua Levu

    Nestled in the mountains north of Savusavu, this 120-ha reserve is home to thousands of birds, flowers, trees and plants, some of which are used in local…

  • Floating Island

    Vanua Levu

    This house-sized island floats on a pond during high winds or, if you believe local lore, when a priest chants at it. The real reason to come here is to…

  • Sawa-i-Lau Cave

    Yasawa Group

    Sawa-i-Lau is an odd limestone island amid a string of high volcanic islands. The underwater limestone is thought to have formed a few hundred metres…

  • Civa Pearl Farm


    Founded by two Canadian expats, Civa produces black – as well as unusual blue, green and pink – pearls from their 55-hectare farm. Ninety-minute boat…

  • Hot Springs

    Savusavu & Around

    Those vents of steam you see along the water’s edge are evidence of the volcanic activity that simmers below Savusavu's surface. The main springs are just…

  • Des Voeux Peak


    At 1195m, this is the island’s second-highest mountain. On a clear day the views from the peak are fantastic: it’s possible to see Lake Tagimaucia and the…

  • Masonic Lodge Ruins

    Ovalau & the Lomaiviti Group

    This stone shell was the South Pacific’s first Masonic lodge (1875). This was once Levuka’s only Romanesque building, but it was burnt to a husk in the…

  • Garden of the Sleeping Giant

    Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

    More than a garden, this must-see spot is an absolute botanic bonanza. Abloom with more than 2000 varieties of orchids, plus indigenous flora and other…

  • Big Bula Inflatable Waterpark

    Denarau Island

    This year-round waterpark is tons of fun for the kids (or the slightly built adult: weight limit 85kg), with bright, cartoonish inflatable waterslides,…

  • International Dateline


    Though Fiji adheres to the single time convention, the International Dateline cuts straight through Taveuni, offering visitors a great photo-op and the…