Kula Eco Park

Coral Coast

Baby Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Nadi, Fiji

Getty Images/Gallo Images

This wildlife sanctuary showcases some magnificent wildlife. This includes Fiji’s only native land mammal, the Fijian flying fox; and an aviary full of quarrelsome kula parrots, Fiji’s national bird and the park’s namesake. The park runs invaluable breeding programs, with success stories for the Pacific black duck (Fiji’s only remaining duck species) and the crested and banded iguana.

Kula Eco Park is set in rambling forested grounds. Ambling down the wooden walkways, reading the labels on the native plants and poking in and out of the walk-through aviaries is a lot of fun (and less confronting than viewing the owls and raptors in their small individual cages). The park is 100% funded by gate receipts and donations. There’s also decent wheelchair access.