Momi Guns

Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

Turn off the sealed road at the signpost to the guns, and onto 4km of rattling gravel road. This leads to two 6in guns that were installed here by the New Zealand 30th Battalion in 1941 to defend Fiji against the Japanese. Fiji was, like most other islands, poorly equipped to take on the might of the Japanese Imperial Army: an army that had already swept through Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and parts of what is now Vanuatu.

A quick scan of the horizon will reveal why this spot was chosen for the battery. The guns (and now tourists) have unobstructed views to Malolo Barrier Reef, the Mamanuca Group and Navula Passage, the only entry into western Fiji for large ships. The local guides are eager to show off their knowledge (a tip is appreciated).

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Nadi Jame Mosque is a thriving religious and educational centre.