Snake God Cave

Cave in Nadi, Suva & Viti Levu

At Wailotua village, 23km west of Korovou, the Snake God Cave is one of the largest caves in Fiji. The name is derived from six glittering stalactites in the shape of snakes’ heads. During times of tribal war, the village would pack up en masse and seek shelter in the cave’s pitch-black labyrinth.

Certain places in the cave complex were used for human sacrifice, others to test a partner's fidelity (the two are not related). The cavern culminates in a huge chamber inhabited by a colony of rare blossom bats.

To get here, take any Suva–Lautoka bus and ask the driver to let you off at the village. Ask the first person you approach if you can visit the cave – they’ll organise a guide, who will provide a surprisingly detailed commentary on the cave. Wear a sulu and don't forget the torch.