Interior of the Assambly of Fiji in the city of Suva. Viti Levu island. Oceania.

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Parliament of Fiji


Opened in June 1992, the parliament complex must be one of the world’s most striking political hubs. It was designed in the post-1987 atmosphere. The aim of maintaining indigenous Fijian values is apparent through the open-air corridors, traditional arts and structures, and masi cloths throughout. The main building, vale ne bose lawa (parliament house), takes its form from the traditional vale (family house) and has ceremonial access from Ratu Sukuna Rd.

The complex is 5km south of the city centre. Free tours are offered, but you need to email in advance to arrange the visit. It's also possible to watch debates when parliament is in session – a calendar of sitting days is available on the website.

It’s easiest to reach by taxi, but you can hop on a bus along Queen Elizabeth Dr and walk along Ratu Sukuna Rd for 1km.

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