Bau Landing


Landing point for boats to Bau.

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3. Naililili Catholic Mission

8.84 MILES

Catholic missionaries from France built the Naililili Catholic Mission at the turn of the 20th century. The stained-glass windows were imported from…

4. Colo-i-Suva Forest Park

12.35 MILES

Colo-i-Suva (pronounced tholo-ee-soo-va) is a 2.5-sq-km oasis of lush rainforest teeming with tropical plants and vivid and melodic bird life. The 6.5km…

5. Mariamma Temple

14.28 MILES

The South Indian fire-walking festival is held here during July or August. Of all Fiji's cultural rituals, the extraordinary art of fire walking is…

6. Suva Cemetery

15.12 MILES

If you entered town via the Queens Road, you likely passed Suva Cemetery. Graves are dug by the inmates from the prison (built in 1913) just down the road…

7. Oceania Centre for Arts & Culture

15.93 MILES

Arts centre at the University of the South Pacific, which hosts regular live music, dance and theatre, art shows, talks and other cultural events.

8. University of the South Pacific

15.93 MILES

While not necessarily a must-see from a tourist’s perspective, this is the foremost provider of tertiary education to the island nations of the Pacific…