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Top Choice Museum in Cuenca

Museo del Banco Central ‘Pumapungo’

One of Ecuador's most significant museums, Pumapungo houses great modern art downstairs, but the highlight is on the second floor. Here begins a comprehensive voyage through Ecuador's diverse indigenous cultures, wi…
Top Choice Museum in Cuenca

Museo de las Culturas Aborígenes

This indigenous culture museum has more than 5000 archaeological pieces representing more than 20 pre-Columbian Ecuadorian cultures going back some 15,000 years. But what makes this such a gem of a museum is the inf…
Top Choice Colombian in Cuenca

Moliendo Café

This is one of the best little eateries you'll find in Ecuador – and that's why Moliendo Café is always rammed. The hearty arepas (maize pancakes) herald from Ecuador's northern neighbors but are a specialty here, t…
Top Choice Jazz in Cuenca

Jazz Society Café

The performance venue of the Jazz Society of Ecuador provides soothing aural therapy with Ecuadorian musicians as well as international artists. The Jazz Society also cultivates young local talent, and though there'…
Top Choice Church in Cuenca

El Sagrario

Standing across the park from the new cathedral, the whitewashed El Sagrario is also known as the 'old cathedral.' Construction began in 1557, the year Cuenca was founded, and in 1739 La Condamine’s expedition used …
Top Choice Church in Cuenca

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción

Also known as the ‘new cathedral,’ construction began on this vast cathedral only in 1885. Its giant domes of sky-blue Czech tile are visible from all over Cuenca, and if it looks like the bell towers are bit short,…
Ecuadorian in Cuenca


This restaurant has a small menu of traditional plates such as seco de chivo and gourmet fritada (fried chunks of pork, served with hominy, avocado and other garnishes). It’s one of the best places to try cuy (guine…
Hats in Cuenca

Casa del Sombrero Alberto Pulla

The hats of Cuenca’s most famous hatter have graced the noggins of Presidents, celebrities and hundreds of local indigenous women. Alberto Pulla himself died in 2010; his legacy has not.
Museum in Cuenca

Museo de la Ciudad

Housed in the former Escuela Central la Inmaculada, this beautifully preserved colonial building has been revamped with sleek, contemporary lines to house art exhibitions in its salons.
Museum in Cuenca

Museo de Arte Moderno

On the south side of Plaza de San Sebastián, this fun museum was once a home for the insane. It now houses a highly regarded collection of Ecuadorian and Latin American art.