Museum in Dhaka

National Museum

The excellent National Museum, sprawling over several floors, begins with the geological formation of Bangladesh, whisks you through a rundown of the nation’s flora and fauna, saunters through a Buddhist and Hindu p…
Fort in Dhaka

Lalbagh Fort

The half-completed Lalbagh Fort and its well-tended gardens are an excuse to escape Old Dhaka’s hustle and bustle for an hour or so. The fort is particularly atmospheric in the early morning light. Construction bega…
Museum in Dhaka

Liberation War Museum

Housed in a beautiful whitewashed colonial-era building, this small museum chronicles the 1971 War of Independence, one of the 20th century’s more deadly wars. Though it might not make for happy holidays, this museu…
Palace in Dhaka

Ahsan Manzil

Dating from 1872, the must-see Pink Palace was built on the site of an old French factory by Nawab Abdul Ghani, the city’s wealthiest zamindar (landowner). Some 16 years after the palace’s construction, it was damag…
Architecture in Dhaka

National Assembly Building

In 1963 the Pakistanis commissioned Louis Kahn, a world-renowned American architect, to design a regional capitol for East Pakistan. Due to the liberation movement and ensuing war, the National Assembly Building was…
Gardens in Dhaka

Botanical Gardens

The shady, tranquil botanical gardens, stretch over 40 hectares and contain over 1000 species of local and foreign plants, as well as lots of birdlife that flock to its several lakes and ponds (particularly in winte…
Historic Building in Dhaka

Bara Katra

This dilapidated Mughal-era structure is one of the oldest buildings in Dhaka, although searching for it among the high-walled, pinched alleyways of this part of the city can be a challenge. Bara Katra, once a palac…
Gardens in Dhaka

Baldha Gardens

At the eastern end of Tipu Sultan Rd, and a block south of Hatkhola Rd, the Baldha Gardens are a relaxing corner in busy Dhaka. The two walled enclosures, Cybele and Psyche, were once the private gardens of Narendra…
Gallery in Dhaka


Gallery specialising in photography
Park in Dhaka

Suhrawardi Park

Beginning near the Old High Court and stretching all the way to the National Museum, Suhrawardi Park covers an enormous area. This was once a racecourse, where both the Bangladeshi Declaration of Independence and th…