It seems no matter where you go, drag queens always have the tea or in layman's terms, the gossip. 

Drag queens are the pride and joy of the LGBTQI+ community and they rule the night with larger-than-life glamour, hijinks and outrageous comedy. 

From Baltimore, Maryland to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, these drag queens beam with pride as they share their insider's guide to unique pride destinations in the US for 2022. 

Dallas, Texas' very own Liquor Mini
Dallas, Texas' very own Liquor Mini © Liquor Mini

Liquor Mini's guide to Dallas, Texas

Drag name: Liquor Mini (she/her/Sis)

Location: I am originally from a small town Galesburg, Illinois and I am currently based in Dallas, Texas

The Dallas LGBTQI+ scene: The Dallas gay scene is progressive with a touch of country. We have a gayborhood with a variety of gay bars that are pretty hopping on the weekends. You can find anything from country line dancing at the Round Up Saloon to hot gay bars such as Mr. Misster. The patio at JR's is great for happy hour.

Favorite local gay bars: My favorite local gay bars are Mr. Misster and Round Up Saloon Both are local favorites. The best nights to go out are Friday nights and early Sunday evening at Mr. Misster. The music is always hot. Dallas is a great city to be seen out at the bars.

Favorite local restaurants: I love Street's Fine Chicken on Cedar Springs Rd. I am obsessed with their Chickarones and I always order chicken tenders and brie mac and cheese. I also love Uncle Julio's steak fajitas. They are also known for their swirl margaritas.

Perfect summer night out: Meeting up with friends for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants then catching the legendary drag show at the Rose Room @ S4 night club then dancing the night away at the Round Up Saloon.

Catch Liquor Mini perform: You can catch Liquor Mini hosting "Fly Queens Drag Brunch" the first Sunday of the month at Meza Mezcal in Irving. I am the Readers Voice Award Best Karaoke Host in Dallas. You can also catch me as the VACAYA Resort Director. I am also the Dallas Gay Pride Grand Marshal this year.

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Sadie Creekwood, The Wicked Beauty
Sadie Creekwood, The Wicked Beauty's guide to San Diego, California © Sadie Creekwood, The Wicked Beauty

Sadie Creekwood, The Wicked Beauty's guide to San Diego, California

Drag name: Sadie Creekwood, The Wicked Beauty (he/him/her/she)

Location: I started drag back in 2018 in Riverside, California. I am currently residing in San Diego, California.

The San Diego LGBTQI+ scene: The LGBTQI+ scene here in San Diego is a huge spectrum. There's room for everyone from drag (queens & kings) to pups. It's probably one of the safest environments for queer culture.

Favorite local gay bars: Number One on 5th, Urban Mo's, Gossip Grill, Flicks, The Rail and Rich's are some of my favorite places to go for drag entertainment. They all offer a variety of shows, karaoke, dance parties and trivia night. They offer all of these throughout the week, so every night is a good night to go!

Favorite local restaurants: Definitely my favorite place to eat is at Baja Betty's, child when I tell you that they have the best short rib enchiladas! Highly recommend that place!

Perfect summer night out: The perfect night out is honestly catching a drag show at Number One on 5th on a Thursday or Friday night. The crowd there is so warm and inviting.

Catch Sadie Creekwood, The Wicked Beauty perform: I am usually all over SoCal performing, but I do co-host my monthly show Function Friday at The Rail on the first Friday each month.

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Scarlet Fairweather performs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania © Scarlet Fairweather
Scarlet Fairweather performs in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania © Scarlet Fairweather

Scarlet Fairweather's guide to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Drag name: Scarlet Fairweather (she/they in drag, he/they out of drag)

Location: I'm from a suburb called Irwin, east of the city and now I live closer to Pittsburgh - near Edgewood.

The Pittsburgh LGBTQI+ scene: Pittsburgh's LGBTQI+ scene is always growing. It's a small city with big dreams whose strengths are its diversity and accessibility for anyone to hop in and join the fun.

Favorite local gay bars: I usually go to the Blue Moon Bar in Lawrenceville - it's my home bar and there's always something happening in the evenings. Tuesday nights are Open Mic nights with Matt/w2ts, Wednesdays are Open Stage with the Legendary Cindy, some Thursdays are the Steel Carabiner nights which are focused on our femme and lesbian community, Fridays are karaoke with Eddieoke, and Saturdays and Sundays are the drag show nights, with some of the best entertainers in the city. Plus they make the best long islands in town. I also frequent P Town, Brewers and 5801 when I'm out and about. They all offer great shows and really form a foundation for the community in Pittsburgh.

Favorite local restaurants: Lately I've been obsessed with Banh Mi & Tea in Lawrenceville! They make an amazing chicken banh mi and their vegetarian spring rolls are a delight. I love running down to Condado's Tacos and seeing how many new combinations I can try. And my guilty pleasure is hitting up the Boonseek truck and getting a Chi Bap and cheese dog – they hit the spot.

Perfect summer night out: When the weather is right, I like going down to Squirrel Hill or Lawrenceville and bumming around the shops before the sunset. If it's really warm I'll grab an ice cream from Natu-Roll or Waffleonia or a nice bubble tea from Tsaocaa to help cool off. Then I'll swing by a local bar to catch a drag show and see some of the best drag in the country.

Catch Scarlet Fairweather perform: I'm everywhere! Usually, I'm down at the Blue Moon, Brewers or P Town. But lately, I've been trying out some new spaces and even performing in my hometown. I always post my flyers on Instagram and if I can get videos, they're up on my YouTube channel too!

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Adonis Alessi from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Adonis Alessi from Tulsa, Oklahoma © Adonis Alessi

Adonis Alessi's guide to Tulsa, Oklahoma

Drag name: Adonis Alessi (she/her/hers in and out of drag)

Location: I am born and raised from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and am happy to still call it my home!

The Tulsa LGBTQI+ scene: Tulsa’s scene is very diverse, we feature quite the array of incredible individuals across the generations who’ve helped cultivate our city’s community into what it is today. For me firsthand, It’s been a very kind-hearted and loving community. A community dedicated to opening hearts of others who’ve struggled with hurt, and insecurities weighing them down, and allowing them to start the journey of learning to be proud of the person they’re meant to be.

Favorite local gay bars: I want to start with my home bar, The Starlite. Located at 1902 East 11th Street in Tulsa, OK. Rob & Lynn Robertson have owned this beautiful home of a bar for over 5 years, and curated a one-of-a-kind place that shows and practices inclusivity and welcomeness on the daily. The Starlite has a beautiful 80’s punk aesthetic alongside a beautiful touch of retro glam associating it’s decor with quite a few quirky little details if you look close enough (ask Lynn about the random hanging plastic little bats hiding around the bar, quite a hilarious story there). The drink selection features house specialty cocktails, as well as classic cocktails ranging from palomas, pineapple Julius’, even the classic Brazilian caipirinha has a seat on the menu. It also brings me joy to say they have a good selection of mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks for our beautiful friends who embrace sobriety. The Starlite coordinates weekly events including trivia nights on Thursdays, Sunday bloody mary bars, weekly shows from local artists, musicians and DJs on Fridays, with Saturdays being our ‘Dead Disco’ night with bar owner and DJ wizard ‘DJ Robbo’ spinning incredible sounds ranging from 80’s pop to punk alternative goodness. All in all it’s an incredible place where you won’t leave without making a friend, or 5!

Favorite local restaurants: When you’re in the city and are in desperate need of a good breakfast, I can’t recommend Dilly Diner enough! Located at 402 East 2nd Street in downtown Tulsa, OK. This quirky take on classic Diners from the 60’s features a lovely open space with marble-covered tables, aged bricks and high beams from the original architecture of the building it’s housed in, and some of the friendliest staff I’ve ever witnessed as someone who’s been in the food service industry for years. For food, I cannot praise their breakfast tacos enough, your choice of flour or corn tortillas, proteins including farm-raised and locally made chicken, sausage, chorizo (my personal favorite) or bacon and it gets filled with fluffy scrambled eggs, fresh avocado and my personal weakness; their house-made chipotle aioli. I highly recommend drink-wise treating yourself to an Irish coffee, or a spiked iced latte featuring local Tulsa brewed Topeca espresso. If day drinking isn’t your vibe, their Dilly blend coffee made exclusively for them by Topeca. Very rich and nutty roast made on the strong side, it’s quite tasty on its own if not with a lil’ touch of sugar and cream.

Perfect summer night out: Tulsa summers carry an energy unlike any other, my personal favorite way to spend the evening in summers is to go out to the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theatre, that’s right babes, you heard me: Drive-In!! The admiral twin has been an iconic destination for summer tourists and citizens in general. This venue has survived the screen catching on fire in the past decade, and has lovingly been renovated thanks to generous donations from citizens and local companies. The theatre gives you two sides to choose from with each offering two different movies showing in the same night. Basically, you get two movies for the price of one, which in this economy is simply fabulous. Simply pull into the box office, pull up to a side with the movies you want, park then tune your radio to the station they provide, and baboosh! We’re transported back to the past with the retro nostalgia of a classic drive-in theatre. It’s incredible for groups of people, if not a date night with that one person who makes your heart aflutter. 

Catch Adonis Alessi perform: I am the hostess and show coordinator of The Starlite’s bi-monthly drag shows! We post on the bar’s socials when the next show has been booked. I created the show as a platform for alternative drag to have a stage to perform in with an audience who genuinely love and respect what we do, the goal from day one to forever for the show was to give a place to those needing a loving and truly inclusive environment to come and just be themselves without fear of insecurities or stigma, four sold-out shows since debuting the show last year in October of 2021 has shown me that we seem to be doing fabulously on fulfilling that goal, all that’s missing is your lovely self coming to visit us. :)

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Lexi Belle from Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Cedar Rapids, Iowa's very own Lexi Belle © Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle's guide to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Drag name: Lexi Belle (she/her in drag, he/him out of drag)

Location: I mostly grew up in a small town in northeast Arkansas called Corning, but when I graduated high school I moved to Cedar Rapids to attend college. 

The Cedar Rapids LGBTQI+ scene: Much like our city, the Cedar Rapid’s LGBTQI+ scene is tight-knit but bustling! The past few years I feel Cedar Rapids has really stepped up to have more LGBTQI+-friendly businesses and events! I’ve noticed more and more pride flags in the windows of local businesses and on the front porches of houses and it makes my heart smile!

Favorite local gay bars: Cedar Rapids has one official LGBTQI+ bar that has been a staple in the community since 1997 called Basix! They are open every night of the week and there really isn’t a bad night to go! They always have something going on for people to enjoy like trivia, karaoke, bingo and drag shows every weekend!

Favorite local restaurants: I’m a huge foodie! I love going to different local restaurants and trying new foods. My newest favorite restaurant is Chophouse Downtown, they are LGBTQI+-owned and operated and their monte cristo sandwich is delicious beyond belief. They also have a great cocktail menu, like the Purple & Proud, inspired by yours truly! I also love going to Vino’s Ristorante, it’s cute little Italian restaurant and lounge. The bartenders are so friendly and witty, they serve the biggest piece of lasagna you have ever seen! It probably should be eaten by two people but I somehow always seem to finish it on my own! Lol. 

Perfect summer night out: In the summer we have a lot of fun events happening! We have farmers' markets, concerts and baseball games and this year will mark the 30th anniversary for our pride festival which is held at Newbo City Market. The festival is such a great event because it really brings the community together for a family-friendly afternoon full of LGBTQI+ vendors and artists, entertainment and my favorite part, food!

Catch Lexi Belle perform: You can catch me performing all over the city. I mainly perform at Basix, but I also host my own drag brunches and dinners at Newbo City Market and Rodina. You can catch me at my monthly drag bingo at The Lucky Cat Comedy Club.

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Evon Dior Michelle
Evon Dior Michelle from Baltimore, Maryland © Evon Dior Michelle via Rau Photography

Evon Dior Michelle's guide to Baltimore, Maryland

Drag Name: Evon Dior Michelle, Baltimore’s 2020 Drag Queen of the Year (she/her in drag, he/him out of drag) 

Location: I’m originally from a small town in Northwest PA called Meadville. But for the past 4 years I’ve resided in Baltimore city.

The Baltimore LGBTQI+ scene: What I love about Baltimore’s LGBTQ+ scene is the diversity. The drag scene is really a melting pot of glamour, filth, pageant and alternative. So naturally, that attracts an eclectic local scene!

Favorite local gay bars: One of my favorite local gay bars is Level 2 @ The Manor. It’s a historical space with a touch of modern class. They offer karaoke, drag shows and a live DJ on the weekends if you just feel like dancing. The best nights are definitely Wednesday for karaoke or Fridays for Femme Fatale Drag Show.

Favorite local restaurants: Ibar and Papis Tacos. Make sure to check out my friend Chyno (aka @thebaltimorefoodie on IG) on Netflix’s “Fresh, Fried and Crispy" to find the best eats in Baltimore!

Perfect summer night out: My perfect summer night in Baltimore would have to include a walk around the Inner Harbor after a delicious meal ending it with a fabulous drag show.

Catch Evon Dior Michelle perform: You catch me hosting Maryland’s Largest Drag Show on Saturdays with SADBrunch and on Sundays you can catch me hosting Baltimore’s #1 Voted Brunch.

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Richmond, Virginia's Chicki Parm
Richmond, Virginia's Chicki Parm © Chicki Parm

Chicki Parm's guide to Richmond, Virginia

Drag Name: Chicki Parm (she/her) 

Location: Born in Pennsylvania, spent most of my childhood in Mechanicsville (a suburb of Richmond,) and actually just hit a decade of living in the city!

The Richmond LGBTQI+ scene: First of all, I'm going to get it out of the way that I'm a HUGE fan of of the queer scene in Richmond. It's super friendly to queers with more to do than you would imagine. I often joke that everyone is at least a little bit gay here. Being a mid-sized city, Richmond offers a great balance of familiarity and freshness in the crowds.

Favorite local gay (and gay adjacent) bars: Thirsty's, Babes of Carytown and Fallout. All are important places within the drag scene as well as having plenty to do outside of drag. Thirsty's is more of a neighborhood bar, Babes is more nightclub-y and Fallout is a goth/fetish bar that has plenty of drag and queer nights that aren't necessarily as gothy.

Favorite local restaurants: I have to shout out Joe's Inn for having, in my opinion, the best chicken parm in the city. I have a monthly brunch at The Camel and always deeply look forward to my post-show meal there. Their famous appetizer is the sausage stars and then I rotate the entrees I get (will probably get their havarti mac at the next brunch!)

Perfect summer night out: Pregaming at a friend's place and walking to Babes of Carytown on a Saturday. I'm not a smoker myself but I thrive outside on the patio with the smokers so I come alive during the summer when patios are most ideal.

Catch Chicki Parm perform: I host every Wednesday at Thirsty's, every Thursday at Babes of Carytown, ~2 Tuesdays a month at Fallout with headliners from RuPaul's Drag Race and Dragula, as well as having monthly brunches at The Camel and Capital Ale House.

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Sabel Scities from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii © Sabel Scities

Sabel Scities guide to Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

Drag name: Sabel Scities (he/she/they)

Location: I grew up in small-town Texas, began my Queer life in Downtown Portland, Oregon 2005-2010, spent 5 years in NYC/Fire Island, 6 years in Austin, Texas and moved to Kailua-Kona in October 2020.

The Kailua-Kona LGBTQI+ scene: I would describe our scene as small but tight...we band together at one main club - MyBar Kona. Since we don't have enough queer people on the island to populate the bar every night it is a place where our community is expanded to allies and a lot of tourists as well! 

Favorite local gay bars: Masquerade and MyBar are the gay bars in Kona, the Hilop Town Tavern is where events are hosted in Hilo. The gayest nights are karaoke on Sundays, The Sabel Show Wednesdays, Baddies in the Club monthly, as well as monthly Friday night and Sunday Brunch drag reviews. Hilo side of the island has monthly and special drag events and their own Pride, we drive back and forth to perform and collaborate together. There is a weekly queer gathering at Kehena Beach in Puna on Mondays and we gather at Beach 67 on the west side of the island.

Favorite local restaurants: My favorite breakfast on the island is Fish Hopper, get the Ultimate Bloody Mary and the biscuits and gravy. My favorite lunch for sandwiches and a breathtaking view is the Coffee Shack, when I want to spoil myself and friends who visit we go to The Canoe House at Mauna Lani, get the Shokupan bread to start!!

Perfect summer night out: When I get to go out with my friends on a night off we start at Don's Mai Tai Bar for poke nachos and a Mai Tai flight, then we go to Mask for a drink and karaoke song, then to MyBar for either shooting pool, a comedy show, DJ or live band. We love to end our night singing karaoke all night at Sunflower.

Catch Sabel Scities perform: You'll find me the First Friday and Third Sunday of each month and every Wednesday at MyBar Kona!

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Ida Carolina from Asheville, North Carolina
Ida Carolina from Asheville, North Carolina © Ida Carolina

Ida Carolina's guide to Asheville, North Carolina

Drag name: Ida Carolina (she/her in drag, they/them out of drag)

Location: I was born in Columbia, South Carolina but I’m now based in Asheville, North Carolina.

The Asheville LGBTQI+ scene: Very eclectic with a lot of originality and a Southern homey feel.

Favorite local gay bars: The weekends are lit up at places like The Odd, Asheville Beauty Academy and Banks Ave!

Favorite local restaurants: Fresh Wood Fired Pizza, Sovereign Remedies and 12 Bones are some great local places and you can’t go wrong with whatever you pick! If you go to Fresh Wood Fired Pizza make sure to get their house dressing on your salad!

Perfect summer night out: Having a few drinks with old friends at a local bar.

Catch Ida Carolina perform: You can find me at The Odd and Asheville Beauty Academy!

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