Must-see attractions in Boston

  • Baseball game in Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts.

    Fenway Park

    Kenmore Square & Fenway

    Home of the Boston Red Sox since 1912, Fenway Park is the oldest operating baseball park in the country. As such, the park has many quirks that make for a…

  • Elevated view, Lowell House, Harvard Square, Harvard University and Charles River.

    Harvard University


    America's oldest college, Harvard University is one of the country's most prestigious universities. It was originally founded in Harvard Yard in 1636 by…

  • Museum of Science


    The educational playground that is the Museum of Science has more than 600 interactive exhibits. Favorites include the world’s largest lightning-bolt…

  • Harvard Yard


    Harvard University was originally founded here in 1636, and Harvard Yard remains the historic and geographic heart of the university campus. Flanked by…

  • 500px Photo ID: 14084519 -

    Institute of Contemporary Art


    Boston has become a focal point for contemporary art in the 21st century, with the Institute of Contemporary Art leading the way. The building is a work…

  • The Boston Public Library in Massachusetts, USA.

    Boston Public Library

    Back Bay

    Founded in 1852, the esteemed Boston Public Library lends credence to Boston’s reputation as the 'Athens of America.' The old McKim building is notable…

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers a different perspective on academia. MIT has a proud history of pushing the boundaries, from its…

  • May 28, 2016: The front entrance of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum along Evans Way in the Fenway-Kenmore neighborhood.

    Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

    Kenmore Square & Fenway

    Once home to Isabella Stewart Gardner, this splendid palazzo now houses her exquisite collection of art. The museum includes thousands of artistic objects…

  • Panoramic view of the Boston Public Garden in Massachusetts, USA on a nice sunny day.

    Public Garden

    Beacon Hill & Boston Common

    Adjoining Boston Common, the Public Garden is a 24-acre botanical oasis of Victorian flower beds, verdant grass and weeping willow trees shading a…

  • Charles River Esplanade

    Back Bay

    The southern bank of the Charles River Basin is an enticing urban escape, with grassy knolls and cooling waterways, all designed by Frederick Law Olmsted…

  • Boston, Massachusetts, USA: Charlestown Navy Yard - USS Constitution - prow decoration - stars and stripes - wooden-hulled, three-masted heavy frigate - Boston National Historical Park - photo by M.Torres

    USS Constitution


    ‘Her sides are made of iron!’ cried a crewman upon watching a shot bounce off the thick oak hull of the USS Constitution during the War of 1812. This bit…

  • Museum of Fine Arts

    Kenmore Square & Fenway

    Founded in 1876, the Museum of Fine Arts is Boston's foremost art museum. The museum covers all parts of the globe and all eras, from the ancient world to…

  • Trinity Church and Hancock Tower

    Trinity Church

    Back Bay

    A masterpiece of American architecture, Trinity Church is the country's ultimate example of Richardsonian Romanesque. The granite exterior, with a massive…

  • Bunker Hill Monument


    This 220ft granite obelisk monument commemorates the turning-point battle that was fought on the surrounding hillside on June 17, 1775. Ultimately, the…

  • Mt Auburn Cemetery


    This delightful spot at the end of Brattle St is worth the 30-minute walk west from Harvard Square. Developed in 1831, it was the first 'garden cemetery'…

  • Old State House


    Dating from 1713, the Old State House is Boston’s oldest surviving public building, where the Massachusetts Assembly used to debate the issues of the day…

  • Underground at Ink Block

    South End & Chinatown

    What used to be an abandoned parking lot beneath the interstate is now an 8-acre playground and art space. The main draw is the fantastic mural project,…

  • Harvard Art Museums


    The 2014 renovation and expansion of Harvard's art museums allowed the university's massive 250,000-piece collection to come together under one very…

  • Boy watching sea turtle in aquarium

    New England Aquarium


    Teeming with sea creatures of all sizes, shapes and colors, this giant fishbowl is the centerpiece of downtown Boston's waterfront. There are countless…

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    Old North Church


    Longfellow’s poem 'Paul Revere’s Ride' has immortalized this graceful church. It was here, on the night of April 18, 1775, that the sexton hung two…

  • 500px Photo ID: 142624811 - BOSTON - JUNE 06: George Washington riding a horse Statue in Boston Commons Public Garden in Central Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Photo taken on June 30, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

    Boston Common

    Beacon Hill & Boston Common

    America's oldest public park, Boston Common has a long and storied history, serving as a campground for British troops during the Revolutionary War and as…

  • Boston, USA - October 10, 2015: Tourists wandering along Acorn Street in Beacon Hill on a warm autumn day. Beacon Hill is one of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods in the United States.

    Acorn Street

    Beacon Hill & Boston Common

    This atmospheric cobblestone alleyway is Boston's famous narrowest street. It was once home to artisans and to the service people who worked for the…

  • Boston, MA - 9/11/20: A welcome arch of butterflies and flowers made of traditional Chinese lanterns, spans the entry of the Franklin Park zoo for Boston Lights; Shutterstock ID 1824698471; your: Claire Naylor; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: Boston POIs

    Franklin Park Zoo


    Tucked into Franklin Park, the zoo features a half-dozen different habitats, as well as special exhibits devoted to birds and butterflies. The highlight…

  • USA, Massachusetts, Boston

    Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum


    'Boston Harbor a teapot tonight!' To protest against unfair taxes, a gang of rebellious colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the water. The 1773…

  • the famous Forest Hills Cemetery in Boston MA, United States

    Forest Hills Cemetery


    Dating from 1848, Forest Hills is a gorgeous, green cemetery that is filled with art and whimsy. It is still an active burial ground, but it also plays…

  • Old South Meeting House


    ‘No tax on tea!’ That was the decision on December 16, 1773, when 5000 angry colonists gathered here to protest British taxes, leading to the Boston Tea…

  • Arnold Arboretum

    Streetcar Suburbs

    Under a public-private partnership with Harvard University, the 265-acre Arnold Arboretum is planted with over 15,000 exotic trees and flowering shrubs…

  • Harvard Museum of Natural History


    This institution is famed for its botanical galleries, featuring some 3000 pieces of handblown, intricately crafted glass flowers and plants. There is a…

  • Smith Campus Center


    After a massive overhaul, the Smith Campus Center has been transformed into a fabulous 'living room' for students and visitors to congregate, study,…

  • SoWa Artists Guild

    South End & Chinatown

    The brick-and-beam buildings along Harrison Ave were originally used to manufacture goods ranging from canned food to pianos. Now these factories turn out…

  • Harvard Museums of Science & Culture


    One ticket covers admission to both of the university's esteemed science museums: the Harvard Museum of Natural History, with the famed glass-flower…

  • Tory Row


    Heading west out of Harvard Square, Brattle St is the epitome of colonial posh. Lined with mansions that were once home to royal sympathizers, the street…

  • Labyrinth


    Representing the journey of life, a granite path winds its way to a central fountain, offering a few moments of contemplative respite to anyone who cares…

  • Rings Fountain


    This playful fountain is unpredictable and irresistible, especially on a hot day. The weekly Greenway Open Market is held nearby.

  • Massachusetts State House

    Beacon Hill & Boston Common

    High atop Beacon Hill, Massachusetts’ leaders and legislators attempt to turn their ideas into concrete policies and practices within the State House…

  • Faneuil Hall, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    Faneuil Hall


    ‘Those who cannot bear free speech had best go home,’ said Wendell Phillips. ‘Faneuil Hall is no place for slavish hearts.’ Indeed, this public meeting…

  • Charlestown Navy Yard, Boston, MA

    Charlestown Navy Yard


    Besides the historic ships docked here and the museum dedicated to them, the Charlestown Navy Yard is a living monument to its own history of shipbuilding…

  • 040625-N-2568S-006 Boston, Mass. (June 25, 2004) --  Sarah Watkins, Curator for the Constitution Museum describes Constitution's rigging to Secretary of the Navy Gordon R. England and British Ambassador Sir David Manning, during a tour of the museum.  The Secretary and Ambassador also toured Constitution and Bunker Hill, and were honored guests at a recption aboard the British ship HMS Cornwall.  The visit focused on the close tie between the U.S. and royal navies; a partnership that is a key element in the war on terrorism  U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Craig P. Strawser. (RELEASED) . .

    USS Constitution Museum


    Head indoors to this museum for a play-by-play of the various battles of the USS Constitution, as well as its current role as the flagship of the US Navy…

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