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The nearby village of De Kelders (on the road to Gansbaai from Hermanus) is a great spot for secluded whale watching. Shark boats leave from the harbour at Kleinbaai.

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$211.06 Water Sports

Cage Diving with Great White Sharks from Cape Town

Pickup from your centrally located Cape Town hotel, and then relax in comfort during the approx. 2-hour journey.On arrival in Gansbaai, your driver will drop you off to enjoy breakfast (or lunch if your tour start time is delayed due to bad weather) at the shark-diving center, known as the Great White House. During this time, you'll meet the expert guides who are leading you on your adventure and be fitted for your diving gear.Board the specialized diving boat and enjoy an exhilarating 20-minute boat ride to Dyer Island. Your captain will stop in the optimal spot, and then the onboard team will tempt the great whites to the boat with bait so you’ll get a fantastic view of the sharks before heading into the shark-diving cage. The boat will stay anchored for approximately two hours, depending on the shark activity. Your cage is attached to the boat and will stay just a few feet/meters below the water’s surface during your dive, which means it’s quick and easy to get out of the water as soon as you want. While you’re on board the boat, hydrate and refuel with the included drinks and snacks. Once back on shore, enjoy a light refreshment at the Great White House, where you can purchase a professional video of your once-in-a-lifetime experience, if you wish.Your experience concludes with a drop-off at your hotel in Cape Town.

$181.45 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Cape Town Sealife-Watching Tour from Gansbaai

Depart from Cape Town after early morning pickup at your hotel. Travel in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle about 2.5 hours along a spectacularly scenic route to Gansbaai. Upon arrival in Gansbaai, meet your guide for a safety briefing and review of what to expect during your cruise. Then get fitted with life jackets and waterproof gear before you head to the custom-built boat.Out on the water, your boat heads to Dyer Island, located about five miles (8 km) offshore. Designated an Important Bird Area (IBA), the island hosts many resident bird species, including African penguins. As your boat cruises around, your guide shares informative commentary about the birds you see. Next, note the Cape fur seals barking and splashing on nearby Geyser Rock. About 60,000 seals make their home here year-round, and they attract the attention of all sorts of sharks, including great whites, who regard the seals as a tasty meal. Look for the toothsome predators as your boat cruises through ‘Shark Alley,’ a narrow channel of water that runs between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock. Cage-diving boats operate here but you don’t need to be in the water to see the action. The sharks swim just under the surface of the water and often come right up to the boat. After a spin through Shark Alley, your captain continues to hotspots for whale sightings. In the summer months, Bryde’s whales and dolphins are often spotted. As it is also the season for the sardine run, seabirds flock to the area to munch on the sardines, who migrate here to mate. When you return to shore after about two hours, have a light lunch before making the journey back to Cape Town.

$137 Water Sports

Shark Cage Diving and Viewing in Kleinbaai

The trip starts between 6 am and 12 pm in the morning from Kleinbaai harbour, which is a 2 km drive from the village of Gansbaai, but may vary due to the tides and expedited sea conditions. You will be personally notified, after 5 pm the day before your dive, about the time you must meet at our crew house in Kleinbaai. We will use the contact number you supply when making your booking.After a continental breakfast (no greasy foods), a safety briefing is held and then you board the shark-chaser, Apex Predator for the 5-mile voyage to Dyer Island or an anchor spot where we have observed recent white shark activity.When the boat leaves the harbour, the round trip usually takes 3 to 4 hours. After dropping anchor, the crew will begin attracting Great Whites Sharks with a specially- formulated ‘Chum’ mixture. (MANDATE AGAINST THE USE OF SHARK PRODUCTS - The local supplier do not feed the sharks nor use any part of a shark product in their ‘secret chum mixture’ and have signed a mandate to this effect.)Once the Great White Sharks arrive, you will have the opportunity to photograph these majestic apex-predators feeding at the surface, right alongside the boat. This is when you get the opportunity to enter the cage!Passengers are exposed to the open sea while travelling to Shark Alley where the boat will be anchored and chumming commence. The boat is protected with vinyl side curtains to give additional protection from the wind and water spray.

$170.69 Water Sports

Shark Alley and Gansbaai Harbour Shark Dive Tour

Your heart begins to beat faster, you start to feel tense. That's right, the time is drawing closer for your first shark encounter! On your expedition into this noble beast's world, you will experience the grace and magnificence of one of nature's most fearsome predators.On this day that you'll never forget, get picked up early from your hotel and travel to Gansbaai. Enjoy a simple breakfast with an overview of the day ahead as well as a safety briefing. Then sail to the famous Shark Alley, so named by Portuguese seafarers in the 15th-century because of its incredible high population of Great Whites. Here, the captain will drop anchor, because it's time to begin your cage dive! If you're not feeling adventurous enough to get into the cage, don't worry, you can also experience the amazement from the deck of the boat.After approximately 2 - 3 hours at sea, return to Gansbaai Harbor. On your journey, catch glimpses of some of the extraordinary life around these waters including various bird-life, seals, sharks, and possibly even a whale or 2! Once you return to Gansbaai, enjoy a relaxing lunch and watch the DVD of your travels. Here you will receive your dive certificates for being an cage diver, then return to Cape Town around 5pm.

$333.25 Water Sports

Gansbaai Shark Cage Dive with Private Transfer from Cape Town

This tour boasts a fantastic itinerary, including: Drive to Gansbaai on the scenic N2 with the Atlantic Ocean on the one side and mountainous terrain on the other. Upon arrival in Gansbaai, there will be a briefing, a breakfast, and then up to three hours of shark cage diving. After your dive you will be served a light lunch while watching the video recorded during your dive.You will then return to Cape Town on scenic route R44. Note that departure times for this tour are fixed, but drop-off times are flexible.Please noteTransport to and from Gansbaai will be in a private vehicle, but when you reach the boat base in Gansbaai you will be joined by other people on the boat. There may be 20 people on a boat at a time. Should you wish to enquire about a private boat for you and your partner or group, this can be arranged at an additional cost, which can be paid directly at the boat base company. Please advise at time of booking so that we can arrange for this to be done and advise you of the additional cost involved.

$137.30 Water Sports

Gansbaai Shark Cage Diving

Shark cage diving from Kleinbaai harbour. The largest concentration of Great White Sharks on earth. See sharks all year around. Climb into a impenetrable floating cage and feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as a shark swims towards you, opens its mouth and bares its big sharp teeth.Not brave enough to plunge into the shark diving cage for a little adventure with the great whites? This is not at all a problem. Non-divers enjoy viewing great white sharks from our boat without diving. You get an amazingly clear view of these magnificent predators while viewing from the boat. They look literally like submarines gliding past. Great white sharks are surface feeders and our shark handlers are trained to bring them up-close-and-personal against the side of the boat. Their heads and jaws are clearly visible.The bay also plays host to large numbers of whales between June – November. The whale numbers often match even those of the famous territory of Hermanus. While on the subject of Marine mammals… schools of up to 500 dolphins make a spectacular site and are often seen in the bay. All of this makes shark diving in Gansbaai, a unique and sought after experience.