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  • Few official public toilets exist, but it’s acceptable to use one in a restaurant or hotel even if you’re not a customer.
  • Toilet paper is seldom in stalls – an attendant may provide it as you enter, for a tip.
  • Do not flush paper – deposit it in the bin next to the toilet.
  • Many toilets have an integrated bidet tube, which unfortunately can get quite mucky. The knob for the bidet is usually to the right of the toilet tank – open it very slowly to gauge the pressure.
  • Some toilets are of the ‘squat’ variety – use the hose (and bucket, if provided) to ‘flush’ and to wash your hands.
  • In cities it’s a good idea to make a mental note of all Western-style fast-food joints and five-star hotels, as these are where you’ll find the most sanitary facilities.
  • When you’re trekking in the desert or camping on a beach, either pack out your toilet paper or burn it. Do not bury it – it will eventually be revealed by the wind.