Top Choice Monastery in Sohag

Red Monastery

The Red Monastery, 4km southeast of the White Monastery and hidden at the rear of a village, is one of the most remarkable Christian buildings in Egypt. Founded by Besa, a disciple of Shenouda who, according to lege…
Ruins in Sohag


The satellite town of Akhmim, on Sohag’s east bank, covers the ruins of the ancient Egyptian town of Ipu, itself built over an older predynastic settlement. It was dedicated to Min, a fertility god often represented…
Monastery in Sohag

White Monastery

On rocky ground above the old Nile flood level, 6km northwest of Sohag, the White Monastery was founded by St Shenouda around AD 400 and dedicated to his mentor, St Bigol. White limestone from Pharaonic temples was …
Museum in Sohag

Sohag Museum

At the time of writing the new Sohag Museum was still not open but it will eventually display local antiquities, including those from ongoing excavations of the temple of Ramses II in Akhmim.