Must see attractions in Moloka'i

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    Papohaku Beach

    The light-hued sands of Papohaku Beach run for an astounding 2.5 miles. Come here for the solitude – the sand is soft and you can often stroll from one…

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    Kepuhi Beach

    Kepuhi is a rocky, white-sand dream, but swimming here can be a nightmare. There's a tough shore break, and strong currents are often present, even on…

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    St Joseph’s Church

    Only two of the four Moloka‘i churches that missionary saint Father Damien (who selflessly comforted leprosy patients for 16 years) built outside the…

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    Kawakiu Beach

    Kaluakoi's northernmost beach is also the best. Those with a sense of adventure can search out this secluded crescent of white sand and bright-turquoise…

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    ʻIliʻiliʻopae Heiau

    'Ili'ili'opae Heiau is Moloka'i's biggest and best-known heiau, and is thought to be the second largest in Hawaii. It also might possibly be the oldest…

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    Dixie Maru Beach

    At the southern end of Pohakuloa Rd there's a parking lot with access to a narrow, round inlet that the ancient Hawaiians knew as Kapukahehu. It is now…

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    Kapuaʻiwa Coconut Grove

    Molokaʻi was the favorite island playground of Kamehameha V. He had the royal 10-acre Kapuaʻiwa Coconut Grove planted near his sacred bathing pools in the…

  • O
    One Aliʻi Beach Park

    Three miles east of town, this park is split into two areas. One side has a coconut-palm-lined shore, a playing field, a children's playground, a rundown…

  • S
    Smith-Bronte Landing

    Just over three-quarters of a mile after mile marker 11, a small sign on the makai (seaward) side of the road notes the Smith-Bronte Landing, the site…

  • P
    Puʻu o Kaiaka

    Hike five minutes to the top of Pu'u o Kaiaka for a super view of Papohaku Beach. This 110ft-high promontory at the southern end of Kepuhi Beach has the…

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    Kaunakakai Wharf

    Come here to witness Molokaʻi's busy commercial lifeline. OK, it's not that busy… a freight barge occasionally chugs in, skippers unload their catch of…

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    Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

    The present Our Lady of Seven Sorrows is a 1966 reconstruction of the original wood-frame church constructed in 1874 by Hawaii's first saint, Father…

  • ʻ
    ʻUalapuʻe Fishpond

    Half a mile beyond the Wavecrest Resort condo development, at mile marker 13, you'll spot ʻUalapuʻe Fishpond on the makai (seaward) side of the road. This…

  • S
    Softball Field

    The local softball field is usually busy. It's off Ainoa St next to the baseball field.

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    Baseball Field

    This local baseball field is a prominent landmark on the east side of town, off Ainoa St.

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    Make Horse Beach

    Make Horse Beach supposedly takes its name from days past when wild horses were run off the tall, dark cliff on its northern end; make (mah-kay) means …

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    Church Row

    Across from the coconut grove is Church Row. Any denomination that attracts a handful of members receives its own little tract of land. Religion in…