Rock Point


The pointy clutch of rocks sticking out as the road swings left before the 21-mile marker is, appropriately enough, called Rock Point. This popular surf spot is the site of local competitions and is the place to go if you’re looking for east-end swells.

After the 21-mile marker the road starts to wind upwards. It’s a good paved road – the problem is that there’s not always enough of it. In places, including some cliff-hugging curves, this road is wide enough for only one car, so expect to go slow. The road levels out just before the 24-mile marker, where there’s a fine view of the islet of Mokuhoʻoniki, a seabird sanctuary.

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1. Kahinapohaku Fishpond

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2. Twenty Mile Beach

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This spot is well protected by a reef, and the curve of fine sand fronts a large lagoon that's great for snorkeling. Near shore there are rocks and the…

4. Halawa Beach Park


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5. Kuleana Work Center

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7. ʻIliʻiliʻopae Heiau

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'Ili'ili'opae Heiau is Moloka'i's biggest and best-known heiau, and is thought to be the second largest in Hawaii. It also might possibly be the oldest…

8. Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

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The present Our Lady of Seven Sorrows is a 1966 reconstruction of the original wood-frame church constructed in 1874 by Hawaii's first saint, Father…