View of Halawa Beach Park and the Halawa Valley on the island of Moloka'i, Hawaii.

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Halawa Beach Park

Top choice in Moloka'i

Where the road ends at the east of the island you'll find gorgeous Halawa Beach, clasped by verdant tropical hills. It was a favored surfing spot for Molokaʻi chiefs, although these days you probably won't see a soul. The beach has double coves separated by a rocky outcrop, with the north side a bit more protected than the south. The hike to Moʻoula & Hipuapua Falls also starts from here (although hikers are required to book a guide to complete it).

When the water's calm there's good swimming and folks launch sea kayaks here, but both coves are subject to dangerous rip currents when the surf is heavy.

Up from the beach, Halawa Beach Park has picnic pavilions, restrooms and undrinkable running water.

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