Molokaʻi Forest Reserve


The 10-mile 4WD drive up to Waikolu Lookout takes about 45 minutes (follow the dirt path near the Homelani Cemetery sign on Rte 460/ Maunaloa Hwy. Road conditions can be muddy. You pass through open land with trees and scrub; little is developed and signs are few. A mile before the lookout you’ll find the 19th-century Sandalwood Pit, a grassy depression on the left.

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Nearby Moloka'i attractions

1. Kamakou Preserve

1.73 MILES

Hiking back through three million years of evolution on the Pepeʻopae Trail is Kamakou’s star attraction. Crossed by a boardwalk, this undisturbed…

3. Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

4.25 MILES

The present Our Lady of Seven Sorrows is a 1966 reconstruction of the original wood-frame church constructed in 1874 by Hawaii's first saint, Father…

4. ʻUalapuʻe Fishpond

4.25 MILES

Half a mile beyond the Wavecrest Resort condo development, at mile marker 13, you'll spot ʻUalapuʻe Fishpond on the makai (seaward) side of the road. This…

5. ʻIliʻiliʻopae Heiau

4.29 MILES

'Ili'ili'opae Heiau is Moloka'i's biggest and best-known heiau, and is thought to be the second largest in Hawaii. It also might possibly be the oldest…

6. Smith-Bronte Landing

4.32 MILES

Just over three-quarters of a mile after mile marker 11, a small sign on the makai (seaward) side of the road notes the Smith-Bronte Landing, the site…

7. St Joseph’s Church

4.69 MILES

Only two of the four Moloka‘i churches that missionary saint Father Damien (who selflessly comforted leprosy patients for 16 years) built outside the…

8. Waikolu Lookout


At 3600ft, Waikolu Lookout provides a breathtaking view into the steep Waikolu Valley and out to the ocean beyond. After rains, the white strands of…