Waikolu Lookout


At 3600ft, Waikolu Lookout provides a breathtaking view into the steep Waikolu Valley and out to the ocean beyond. After rains, the white strands of numerous waterfalls accent the sheer cliffs and fill the valley with a dull roar. Morning is best for clear views, but if it's foggy, have a snack at the picnic bench and see if it clears. The wide, grassy Waikolu Lookout campground is directly opposite the lookout.

If you can bear the mist and cold winds that sometimes blow up from the canyon, this could make a base camp for hikes into the preserve. The site has a picnic pavilion. Bring water. No open fires are allowed, and state camping permits are required.

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The 10-mile 4WD drive up to Waikolu Lookout takes about 45 minutes (follow the dirt path near the Homelani Cemetery sign on Rte 460/ Maunaloa Hwy. Road…