Hulopoʻe Beach

Top choice in Lanaʻi

The island's main beach is kept looking beautiful, with manicured lawns and clean restrooms, thanks to Pulama Lana‘i‘s legion of groundskeepers. Everybody loves this free public beach, and it's one of Hawaii's finest – locals take the kids for a swim, tourists visit on day trips from Maui and many lose track of time here. It's located off Manele Rd (Hwy 440).

The gently curving golden-sand beach is long, broad and protected by a rocky point to the south. The Four Seasons resort sits on a low seaside terrace on the north side. But the beach is rarely crowded, except on weekends, when picnicking locals descend. Picnic tables shelter under palms and there are public restrooms with solar-heated showers. The ferry dock is an easy six-minute walk away.

For the best snorkeling, head to the left side of the bay, where there's an abundance of coral and reef fish. To the left, just beyond the sandy beach, you'll find a low lava shelf with tide pools worth exploring. Look for the protected shoreline splash pool, ideal for children. Don't forget to hike up Puʻu Pehe, to the left of the beach, for an incredible view of the bay and beyond.