Must-see attractions in Sweden

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    Borgholms Slott

    Northern Europe’s largest ruined castle, Borgholms Slott looms just south of town. This epic limestone structure was burnt and abandoned early in the 18th…

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    Glass Factory

    If you visit one place in the Glasriket, come to the Glass Factory on the site of the former Boda factory. The project houses Scandinavia's largest…

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    Kungsholms Fort

    Karlskrona’s star is the extraordinary offshore Kungsholms Fort, with its curious circular harbour, established in 1680 to defend the town. The fort can…

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    Drottningskärs kastell

    Bristling with cannons, this fortified tower on the island of Aspö was described by Admiral Nelson of the British Royal Navy as ‘impregnable’. You can…

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    Kullens Fyr

    It's worth a visit to what's arguably Scandinavia’s oldest lighthouse (there's been a light of some kind here for more than 1000 years) on the Kullaberg…

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    Aurora Sky Station

    Across the highway from the STF Turiststation, a chairlift takes you up Mt Nuolja (1164m), where you can enjoy epic views from the deck of the Panorama…

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    The striking Marinmuseum is the national naval museum. Dive in for reconstructions of a battle deck in wartime, a hall full of fantastic figureheads,…

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    Guitars – The Museum

    If you're into the six-string, then this result of two brothers' lifelong hobby, a huge collection of vintage guitars, is for you. Want to see a 1959 Les…

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    Gamla Staden

    Focusing on the area around Stortorget (the town square) and lively Lilla Torget (the little square) Malmö's Old Town is a gorgeous warren of cobblestone…

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    One of the finest Renaissance churches in Scandinavia, Trefaldighetskyrkan was completed in 1628 when Skåne was still under Danish control. The light…

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    Ekenäs Slott

    Built between 1630 and 1644, this is one of the best-preserved Renaissance castles in Sweden. Features include three spectacular towers, a moat, and…

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    St Karins Kyrka

    One of the most stunning of Visby's medieval churches, it's often used for performances. In winter, local children skate on an artificial ice rink within…

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    Blå Jungfrun National Park

    The Blå Jungfrun (Blue Maiden) National Park encompasses a 1km-long granite island also known as ‘Witches’ Mountain’ because, according to ancient…

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    The Gothic Domkyrka dominates the city and is Scandinavia's largest and tallest church, with towers soaring 119m. The interior is imposing, with the…

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    Jamtli, 1km north of the centre, consists of two parts: the open-air museum, comprising painstakingly reconstructed wooden buildings, complete with…

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    Historiska Museet

    From Iron Age skates and a Viking boat to medieval textiles and Renaissance triptychs, Sweden's national historical collection spans over 10,000 years of…

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    Malmö Museer

    Located within the rambling Malmöhus Slott, operating under the broad banner (and one low admission fee) of the Malmö Museer, are three main museums…

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    Karlsgatan 2

    Comprising the former Västmanland Länsmuseum (county museum) and Västerås Konstmuseum (art gallery) in a re-imagined industrial block near…

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    Housed in what used to be a nomad school, the tour de force at Arjeplog's Silvermuseet is the vast collection of Sami silver objects – the most extensive…

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    Astrid Lindgrens Näs

    Astrid Lindgrens Näs is a fascinating cultural centre set on the farm in which Lindgren, author of the world-bestselling Pippi Longstocking books, grew up…