Uppsala Slott


Built by Gustav Vasa in the 1550s, Uppsala Slott contains the state hall where kings were enthroned and Queen Kristina abdicated. The castle burned down in 1702 but was rebuilt and took on its present form in 1757. Guided tours of the original castle's ruins and the current state hall run from around mid-June to mid-August, while castle roof walks (595kr) are offered from May to September. Contact Destination Uppsala for more information.

Interestingly, the castle was also the scene of a brutal murder in 1567, when King Erik XIV and his guards killed Nils Sture and his two sons, Erik and Svante, after accusing them of high treason. At the castle entrance marked E, the Uppsala Art Museum displays Swedish and international modern and contemporary art and ceramics as well as the art-study collection of Uppsala University.

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1. Uppsala konstmuseum

0.01 MILES

Located at the Uppsala Slott entrance marked E, Uppsala Art Museum displays Swedish and international modern and contemporary art and ceramics, as well as…

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This happy little museum in Uppsala Slott is dedicated to spreading the good word of peace on earth, free from religious overtones, by focusing on the…

3. Vasaborgen

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4. Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

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6. Linnaeum Orangery

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This beautiful orangery, a focal point of the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, is over 200 years old.

7. Tropical Greenhouse

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8. Domkyrka Treasury

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