Gamla Uppsala Museum


Gamla Uppsala Museum contains finds from the cremation mounds, a poignant mix of charred and melted beads, bones and buckles. More-intact pieces come from various boat graves in and around the site. The museum is arranged as a timeline – useful for recreating the history of the area.

Follow signs from the grave mounds to Disagården, a 19th-century farming village turned open-air museum consisting of 26 timber buildings and a platform stage that serves as the focal point for Uppsala’s Midsummer celebrations.

Next to the unexcavated flat-topped mound Tingshögen is Odinsborg, a restaurant known for its horns of mead and Viking feasts (although daintier refreshments are offered at the summer cafe downstairs). At the time of research, Odinsborg was closed for renovations and was scheduled to open at Easter in 2019.

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