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During medieval times, Sigtuna boasted seven stone-built churches, though most have since crumbled. Mariakyrkan is the oldest brick building in the area – it was a Dominican monastery church from around 1250 but became the parish church in 1529 after the monastery was demolished by Gustav Vasa. Pop in for restored medieval paintings and free weekly concerts in summer.

The adjacent St Olof church was built in the early 12th century, but by the 17th century it was a ruin. Nearby, the ruins of St Per and St Lars can be seen off Prästgatan.

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1. Sigtuna Rådhus

0.11 MILES

The smallest town hall in Scandinavia, Sigtuna rådhus dates from 1744 and was designed by the mayor himself. It’s on the town square opposite the tourist…

2. Sigtuna Museum

0.26 MILES

This museum looks after several attractions in the town and has a small exhibition area. The main display covers Sigtuna's history; temporary displays are…

3. Rosersbergs Slott

5.25 MILES

Rosersbergs Slott is on lake Mälaren about 9km southeast of Sigtuna. Built in the 1630s, it was used as a royal residence from 1762 to 1860; the interior…

4. Tropical Greenhouse

16.4 MILES

In contrast to the stunning baroque design of the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, where it is located, the greenhouse exhibits tropical species from around…

5. Bror Hjorth’s House

16.5 MILES

Bror Hjorth’s House, the studio of beloved local artist Bror Hjorth (1894–1968), is jam-packed with Hjorth’s charming paintings and sculptures. Hosts…

6. Vasaborgen

16.53 MILES

Part creepy castle tour, part museum, Vasaborgen is an interactive exploration of Uppsala's castle ruins where many a horrible slaying has taken place…

7. Linnaeum Orangery

16.54 MILES

This beautiful orangery, a focal point of the Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala, is over 200 years old.

8. Linnaean Gardens of Uppsala

16.54 MILES

The Botanical Gardens, below the castle hill, show off more than 10,000 species and are pleasant to wander through. Attractions include the 200-year-old…