No matter how many times the brochures refer to the ‘sexual system’ of classification, the excitement to be had at Linnémuseet is primarily intellectual; still, botanists and vegetarians will enjoy a visit to the pioneering scientist’s home and workshop, where he lived with his wife and five kids (1743–78). Visits to the adjoining Linnéträdgården, a reconstruction of Sweden’s oldest botanical garden, is included in the admission fee.

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1. Linnéträdgården

0.05 MILES

A reconstructed version of Sweden’s oldest botanical garden – Linné’s playground – with more than 1300 species ­arranged according to the system he…

2. Upplandsmuseet


Upplandsmuseet, in an 18th-century watermill, houses county collections of folk art, music and the history of Uppsala from the Middle Ages onwards, as…

3. Domkyrka

0.25 MILES

The Gothic Domkyrka dominates the city and is Scandinavia's largest and tallest church, with towers soaring 119m. The interior is imposing, with the…

4. Domkyrka Treasury

0.26 MILES

Located in the north tower of the Domkyrka, the cathedral treasury houses Gustav’s funerary sword and silver crown, along with a notable collection of…

5. Museum Gustavianum

0.27 MILES

A wonder cabinet of wonder cabinets, the Museum Gustavianum rewards appreciation of the weird and well organised. The shelves in the pleasantly musty…

6. Rune Stones

0.28 MILES

In the grassy, sloping park between Domkyrka and the main Uppsala University building are nine typical Uppland rune stones. There's another row of them…

7. Carolina Rediviva bibliotek

0.48 MILES

Rare-book and map fiends should go directly to Carolina Rediviva, the university library. In a small, dark gallery, glass cases hold precious maps and…

8. Fredens hus

0.59 MILES

This happy little museum in Uppsala Slott is dedicated to spreading the good word of peace on earth, free from religious overtones, by focusing on the…