Two boats lie ashore on the North shore of South Koster Island (Sydkoster) with a view of the North Koster Island (Nordkoster) in Sweden.

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Koster Islands


Boat trips run from Strömstad’s north harbour to the beautiful cluster of forested Koster Islands every 30 minutes from July to mid-August, less frequently at other times. Tiny North Koster is hilly and has good beaches. Larger South Koster is flatter and better for cycling, with bike-rental facilities, numerous restaurants scattered about and two large beaches at Rörvik and Kilesand. Trips are booked through the tourist office.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Bohuslän attractions

1. Strömstads Museum


Housed in an old power station, this museum displays local photography and objects from nautical history.

2. Skee Kyrka

9.46 MILES

Open by appointment only (contact the tourist office), the Romanesque stone Skee Kyrka is about 6km east of Strömstad and has a 10th-century nave. There’s…

3. Kirkøy Stone Church

9.71 MILES

This mid-11th-century stone church is one of the oldest in Norway. It hosts a week-long music and arts festival in July.

4. Stone-Ship Settings

9.88 MILES

One of Sweden’s largest, most magnificent stone-ship settings (an oval of stones, shaped like a boat) lies 6km northeast of Strömstad. There are 49 stones…

5. Vitlycke Museum

17.55 MILES

If you’re bewildered by the long-armed men, sexual imagery and goat-drawn chariots of Bohuslän's prolific Bronze Age rock carvings, drop by Vitlycke…

6. Rød Herregård

20.29 MILES

Dating from at least 1690, Rød Herregård manor has fine interiors, which include notable collections of both weapons and art, as well as the mounted heads…

7. Fredriksten Fortress & Museums

20.74 MILES

Crowning the hilltop behind Halden is the 1661 Fredriksten Fortress, which has resisted six Swedish sieges and never been captured. The fortress covers a…

8. Kongsten Festning

21.26 MILES

On what was once called 'Gallows Hill' stands the flower-festooned Kongsten Festning. Dating from 1685, it once served as a lookout and warning post for…