Storedal Cultural Centre

Southern Norway

This cultural centre is 11km northeast of Fredrikstad. The most intriguing feature is the Ode til Lyset (Ode to the Light), a 'sound sculpture' by Arnold Haukeland and Arne Nordheim, which, using photo cells and a computer in the farmhouse, transmutes the slightest fluctuations in natural light into haunting, ever-changing music.

To get here, follow Rv110 east for about 9km from Fredrikstad; the centre is 2.1km north of the main road.

King Magnus the Blind was born here in 1117; he took the throne at 13 years of age and earned his nickname at 18 when he was blinded by an enemy in Bergen. A later owner of the farm, Erling Stordahl, who was also blind, developed a monument to King Magnus, as well as a centre dedicated to the blind and people with other disabilities.

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