Southern Norway

Norse sagas mention the 13th-century fortress of Isegran, an islet in the Glomma that became a further line of defence against Sweden in the mid-17th century. The ruins of a stone tower are visible at the eastern end of the island. It's also the site of a small museum on local boat building (from the time when boats were lovingly handcrafted from wood).

By road or on foot, access is from Rv108, about 600m south of Fredrikstad city centre.

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1. Isegran Ruins

0.08 MILES

The ruins of a stone (originally wood) tower remain visible at the eastern end of Isegran.

2. Bastion 5

0.17 MILES

This stone storehouse, built between 1674 and 1691, is one of the oldest buildings in Gamlebyen and now a ceramics showroom.

3. Old Convict Prison

0.18 MILES

Among the finest old buildings in town, the old convict prison was built in 1731.

6. Fredrikstad Museum

0.24 MILES

The Fredrikstad Museum is housed in a building dating back to 1776. The downstairs area displays temporary exhibitions, while upstairs you'll find scale…

7. Gamlebyen

0.25 MILES

The timbered houses, moats, gates and drawbridge of the Fredrikstad Gamlebyen are simply enchanting. The perimeter walls, once defended by 200 cannons,…

8. Gate

0.27 MILES

There are a series of gates within the walls surrounding the old town.