Must-see attractions in Panama

  • Iglesia Santa Librada

    Península de Azuero

    The walls and base of the pulpit in this baroque-style church on Parque Belisario Porras are original, as are the painted faces of cherubs on the ornate…

  • El Explorador


    Great for families, this private garden is located in a hilly area 3km northeast of the town center. You can walk to it in about 45 minutes. The 2…

  • Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco

    Panama City

    Like other Panamá Viejo churches, this is among the settlement's most outstanding structures: rectangular, with stone outer walls, timber roofs, internal…

  • Snyder (Changuinola) Canal

    Bocas del Toro Province

    In 1903 a 12km-long canal connecting the Río Changuinola and Almirante Bay was dug parallel to the Caribbean shoreline to facilitate the barging of…

  • Puerto Indio

    Darién Province

    From Sambú, visitors can cross the Río Sábalo Bridge to the twin village of Puerto Indio (with permission from the Emberá and Wounaan) and visit…

  • Parque Internacional La Amistad


    Parque Internacional La Amistad was established jointly by Panama and Costa Rica in 1988; two years later it was added to Unesco's World Heritage List. In…

  • Humedal de San San Pond Sak

    Bocas del Toro Province

    These relatively unknown wetlands covering 160 sq km just 5km north of Changuinola harbor an incredible variety of tropical fauna. In addition to sloths,…

  • Wizard Beach

    Isla Bastimentos

    The most beautiful beach on Isla Bastimentos is awash in powdery yellow sand and backed by thick vine-strewn jungle. It's connected to Old Bank via a…

  • Cerro Vigía

    Panamá Province

    At 307m, the island's highest point, this 'peak' offers fabulous views across the island and out to the sea from its mirador. Also here are the remains of…

  • Mariposario Metropolitano

    Panama City

    With 1600 species, Panama City's butterfly garden is a worthy stop for nature lovers. Fifteen-minute guided tours explain the life cycle of butterflies…

  • Alto de Piedra

    Veraguas Province

    There are three waterfalls in Alto de Piedra northwest of town. Though you can visit on your own, access can be difficult and affected by recent weather…

  • El Salto de Las Palmas

    Veraguas Province

    This wonderful 45m-high waterfall located in the town of Las Palmas has a natural pool with refreshing water at its base. The area is surrounded by light…

  • San Antonio

    Panamá Province

    A Wounaan indigenous community that receives visitors for cultural tours, including traditional dances and rainforest walks, and also sells beautiful…

  • Iglesia de San Pedro

    Panamá Province

    Founded in 1550, the Church of St Peter is the second-oldest church in the western hemisphere after the one in Natá in Coclé Province. Inside there is…

  • Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo

    Panama City

    Built in 1678, these gorgeous ruins in Casco Viejo are what remain after two major fires brought down the church's tower and interior areas. Left are the…

  • Iglesia y Convento de la Concepción

    Panama City

    In Panamá Viejo, Iglesia y Convento de la Concepción was erected by the nuns of Nuestra Señora de la Concepción. Most of the ruins, which cover the better…

  • El Salto

    Veraguas Province

    The impressive waterfall known as El Salto lies about three hours southeast of Santa Fé along a 4WD road that is usually only accessible during the dry…

  • La Piedra Pintada de Caldera


    Some of the best examples of petroglyphs found in Panama can be seen in this park at Caldera, about 23km southeast of Boquete. It's located 400m down a…

  • Dubbag (Isla Pino)

    Comarca de Guna Yala

    This island's superlatives are threefold: it is the largest island in the archipelago yet has the smallest population (100 people) and it is the only San…

  • Playa Polo

    Isla Bastimentos

    Polo Beach wraps around a sheltered cove and is protected by a reef. It has good snorkeling. Can be reached by short hike from Red Frog Beach.

  • Estadio Maracaná

    Panama City

    Inaugurated in April 2014, this is the home stadium of Chorrillo FC and Club Deportivo Plaza Amador. It was named after the legendary Maracanã Stadium in…

  • Ikodub (Isla Aguja)

    Comarca de Guna Yala

    Escape from Gardi Sugdub (Cartí Suitupo) to picture-perfect 'Needle Island,' with its lazy palms, golden sands and gentle surf. Excursions cost from US$35.

  • Diadup (Isla Coco Bandera)

    Comarca de Guna Yala

    A massive shipwreck at the spot known as Wreck Reef is clearly visible at low tide from deserted and idyllic Diadup (Isla Coco Bandera).

  • Waterfall

    Darién Province

    This waterfall and its crystal-clear pool is a welcome relief after a hot and sweaty climb to spot harpy eagles.

  • Plaza de la Independencia

    Panama City

    In this plaza, in the heart of Casco Viejo, Panama declared its independence from Colombia on November 3, 1903.

  • Agua Clara Locks

    Colón Province

    The Panama Canal's Atlantic locks accommodating supersized 'neoPanamax' ships are 8km southwest of Colón.

  • Catedral Metropolitana

    Panama City

    The headquarters of the Panama archdiocese. Construction started on this 1796 cathedral in 1688.

  • Parque Nacional Sarigua

    Península de Azuero

    Some 26km northwest of central Chitré, Parque Nacional Sarigua is arguably the most important pre-Columbian site in Panama. The archaeological site has…

  • Museo de Arte Religioso Colonial

    Panama City

    Housed beside the ruins of the Iglesia y Convento de Santo Domingo, the Museo de Arte Religioso Colonial has a collection of colonial-era religious…

  • Ruins of Panama Viejo - Panama City, Panama

    Museo de Sitio Panamá Viejo

    Panama City

    In the original settlement of Panamá Viejo, this museum traces the history from pre-colonial times to colonial life. There's an impressive scale model of…

  • Parque Bolívar

    Panama City

    In 1826, in a schoolroom opposite this Casco Viejo park, Simón Bolívar held a meeting urging the union of the Latin American countries. Bolívar eventually…

  • American Trade Hall

    Panama City

    Once the headquarters of the First National City Bank of New York, this is where much of the financing of the Panama Canal took place. Today the American…

  • Parque Arqueológico del Caño

    Coclé Province

    This archaeological site, under extensive renovation at the time of research, contains three pre-Columbian mounds dating from between AD 500 and 1200. The…

  • Panama City, Panama - May 19, 2019: Two historical buildings of the Old Panama City.  Panama Canal Museum can be seen on the left; on the right stands the Municipal Palace (white building). The Museum of History of Panama (Spanish: Museo de Historia de Panamá) is a history museum located on the ground floor of the Municipal Palace of Panama City.

    Museo de Historia de Panamá

    Panama City

    The modest Museo de Historia de Panamá has a small selection of exhibits covering Panamanian history from the colonial period to the modern era.

  • Balboa Statue

    Panama City

    Sculpted by Miguel Blan and Mariano Benlliure, the Balboa statue overlooks the Bahía de Panamá and was inaugurated in 1924, a gift from Spain.

  • Playa El Agallito

    Península de Azuero

    Playa El Agallito is a mudflat created by silt deposited by the Río Parita and the Río La Villa, 9km north of Chitré. At low tide, it stretches more than…

  • La Piedra Pintada

    El Valle

    Located in the northwestern corner of the valley, La Piedra Pintada is a huge boulder adorned with pre-Columbian carvings. Locals sometimes fill in the…

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