Must-see attractions in Central Morocco

  • Ait Ben Hmad Igherm

    High Atlas Mountains

    This 17th-century igherm (collective granary), still in use by the villagers of Amezray, is one of several historical structures in the region to benefit…

  • Cascades d’Irhoulidene

    Toubkal National Park

    This splendid waterfall cascades for more than 20m above Azib Tamsoult and makes an excellent full-day hike from Imlil or acclimisation day en route to…

  • El Mesouiria

    Draa Valley

    Located just 8km northwest of M'Hamid, El Mesouiria is an option for an easy overnight camel trek. Dunes range between 60m and 80m in height and are…

  • Erg Esmar

    Draa Valley

    This collection of small dunes, rising to just 80m, are well off the main radar with no permanent camps. With its mixture of red and white dunes, it's…

  • Amizmiz Tuesday Souq


    The bustling Amizmiz souq remains one of the most sprawling in all the High Atlas.

  • Bin El Ouidane

    High Atlas Mountains

    The dam at Bin El Ouidane provides the majority of the electricity in the region, but more importantly it's the location for the increasingly popular 11…

  • Sijilmassa

    Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    Little remains of the once-great city of Sijilmassa – just two decorated gateways and a handful of semi-collapsed structures. But go back to the 8th…

  • Aghmat Archaeological Site

    Ourika Valley

    These excavations, about 200m to the left off the main road, began in 2010 and have revealed ancient urban foundations, including a hammam, grand mosque,…

  • Ksar Ait Goulmima

    Dadès Valley

    The labyrinthine Ksar Ait Goulmima is a walled village on the southeast end of Goulmima’s oasis that’s home to several hundred people. A local will offer…

  • Caïd’s Kasbah

    Draa Valley

    The 170-year-old kasbah that once belonged to the qaid (local chief) of Agdz is still run by his descendants. Stop at the reception of Casbah Caïd Ali…

  • Source Sidi El Wafi

    High Atlas Mountains

    Follow the flow of locals across the bridge below Tighdouine and up a short track across the valley to the southwest to this small spring said to cure an…

  • Source Bleue de Meski

    Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    The origins of the Ziz River can be found in Meski, where warm, natural springs bubble to the surface beneath the Ksar Meski's picturesque remains. The…

  • Maison de Poterie

    Draa Valley

    Abderrahman Bassou will walk you through the rustic pottery-making process, including sitting in a hole in the ground to work the wheel. Oxidised copper…

  • Cooperative Al Ouaha

    Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    Seven kinds of date are grown in the Aoufous oasis and in the October and November season, the women of this cooperative in Aoufous will walk you through…

  • Petroglyphs


    A signed open-air petroglyph site sits just at the entrance to Oukaimeden, with carved illustrations of pastoral life and geometric patterns first…

  • Dinosaur Footprints

    High Atlas Mountains

    Geologists claim that tracks imprinted in exposed rock in the village of Tabalout are in fact footprints of the Megalosauripus from the Middle to Upper…

  • Boughlou Pottery Village

    High Atlas Mountains

    Pottery sits on display along sunny roadsides all the way through Boughlou, whose craftsmen are known in this region for their work. Visit to buy straight…

  • Al Mutamid Mausoleum

    Ourika Valley

    Al Mutamid’s tomb is marked with an Almoravid-style domed mausoleum. It's signed right off the main road after the commune building, inside a garden…

  • Musée de Cinema


    This small cinema museum is housed in a former studio and exhibits a collection of old film sets, props and cinematic equipment, which visitors are mostly…

  • Ksar Oudaghir

    Central Morocco

    Close to the upper part of town, to the west of the main road, this ksar boasts a lovely octagonal minaret built in the 11th century. It’s known as the…

  • Ethnographic Museum

    Draa Valley

    Inside the Ksar Ouled Driss, 5km before M'Hamid, you'll find this rare example of a 17th-century ksar (fortified village) that still has around 150…

  • Tinfou Dunes

    Draa Valley

    The great sand seas of M'Hamid and Merzouga can make the Tinfou Dunes, around 7km south of Tamegroute, seem like a child's sandbox – especially on busy…

  • Erg Lehoudi

    Draa Valley

    The 100m-high Erg Lihoudi, located 8km northeast of M'Hamid, are some of the most easily accessible dunes in the area. Characterised by their white river…

  • Ksar El Fida

    Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    This enormous, restored Alaouite kasbah (1854–72) served as the palace for the local qaid (chief) right up until 1965, after which it housed a museum of…

  • Igherm Iqadarne

    Ait Ben Haddou

    Towering above the village, the ighrane (collective granary) is popular as a tourist site and as a panoramic viewpoint for views of the surrounding…

  • Ksar Tinheras

    Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    For a glimpse in to life in a living ksar (fortified village), a resident is sure to find you and offer to show you around its warren of alleyways. It's a…

  • Tomb of Sidi Said Ahansal

    High Atlas Mountains

    The 13th-century tomb of Sidi Said Ahansal is the chief place of religious pilgrimage in the valley, though it is off-limits to non-Muslims. Above the…

  • Zawiya of Moulay Ali Ash Sharif

    Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    About 2km to the southeast of Rissani is this cheery yellow shrine built to honour the Alaouite dynasty’s founder. The Islamic garden is open to non…

  • Sebt Aït Bououli

    High Atlas Mountains

    The small village of Sebt Aït Bououli, located on bend in the road at the centre of the valley, trekkers can spend the night or stock up on food for their…

  • La Source de Taghia

    High Atlas Mountains

    Water cascades out of the cliff face and down a rocky hillside at these small springs just south of Taghia. It's often a good spot to sit and observe…

  • Wednesday Souq


    The small Wednesday souq is a reliable place to fill up on fresh vegetables and packaged goods before leaving on a long hike.

  • Imlil Waterfalls


    Two small waterfalls just south of the Kasbah du Toubkal make a pleasant afternoon walk from Imlil.

  • Zaouait Ahansal Monday Souq

    High Atlas Mountains

    Locals from across Zaouait Ahansal gather at the the bottom of the valley for this small market.

  • Tizi n'Tichka

    High Atlas Mountains

    Higher than Tizi n’Test to the west but an easier drive along the N9, the Tizi n’Tichka (2260m) connects Marrakesh with the southern oases. It was built…

  • Tizi n'Test

    High Atlas Mountains

    Blasted through the mountains by the French in the late 1920s, the awe-inspiring road over the Tizi n'Test pass (2100m) was the first modern route linking…