Best restaurants in Central Morocco

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Ouarzazate


    One of the best eateries in town, Douyria wows diners with its rooftop terrace (though without kasbah views), candlelit tables and cushion-lined nooks perfect for sipping a cocktail. You can feast on richly flavoured local dishes, including unusual options like tajine of roasted goat basted in argan oil or an excellent pigeon bastilla (pie). Vegetarians should go for the flavour-rich vegetarian bastilla. For dessert, there's house-made date or saffron ice cream.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Dadès Gorge

    Chez Pierre Restaurant

    Mediterranean flair meets Moroccan market-fresh produce on the daily-changing menu at this restaurant attached to the Inn of the same name. Perhaps roast beetroot and goat's cheese and chicken in an almond crust, rounded off with an indulgent chocolate fondant. There's a good wine list too. On balmy nights, dine alfresco under a canopy of stars. Reservations recommended.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Erfoud

    Pizzeria-Restaurant des Dunes

    Authentic wood-fired pizza includes a house special with heart of palm, olives and oregano. For something a bit different, order the stellar madfouna ('Berber pizza'), a dough pocket stuffed with minced onions and herb-spiked chicken, beef or vegetables, then baked until puffy and golden. There's also a pleasant terrace at the back where you can dine alfresco.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Zagora

    Restaurant Chez Ali

    Feast among the flowers at Auberge Chez Ali's lovely garden restaurant, brimming with vibrant bougainvillea and rustling palms – or in a cosy salon on cooler days. The menu is short but perfectly formed, and with fresh dishes like Ali's Garden Salad and seven-vegetable couscous, it's perfect for vegetarians. For Dh50 you can take a dip in the tempting pool.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Ziz Valley & the Tafilalt

    Restaurant Zerda

    On the main road through town, a short stroll from the bus station, this buzzing open-fronted eatery is one of the best spots in town for a quick, inexpensive meal of sandwiches, grilled meats and, the speciality, rotisserie chicken.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Dadès Valley

    Café Restaurant Central

    At Tinerhir's top restaurant, friendly staff serve up fresh Moroccan fare – salads, tajines, couscous, brochettes – in generous portions. There's a terrace at the back for alfresco dining.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate

    La Kasbah des Sables

    Conceived by owner Brigitte Babolat, this Moorish fantasy palace – a medley of cosy lounges and nooks arranged around a series of patios – took three years to create. The centrepiece is an enormous shallow pool backed by a wall of jewel-coloured lights and surrounded by romantic, candlelit tables where you are served a mix of primarily Moroccan and French dishes. Afterwards lounge in cushion-lined cubbyholes filled with objets d’art crafted in Ouarzazate and Marrakesh. In the morning you’ll have to shake yourself and wonder if you didn’t dream the whole experience. It's located 5km west of central Ouarzazate, in the old neighbourhood of Al Kdif.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate

    Relais Saint Exupéry

    The Relais serves creative dishes featuring local ingredients such as Talouine saffron and Saharan salt. Try flaky bastilla (savoury pie) of fish, or dromedary meat in a Mali-inspired sauce of garlic, cumin, ginger and paprika. It may seem odd to find adventurous gastronomy near the Ouarzazate airport, but this airport was an inspiration to Little Prince author and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate

    Jardin des Arômes

    Step off busy Ave Mohammed V and climb the steps up to this peaceful garden, with white leather chairs, thick curtains and a tent-like interior overlooking the greenery. Start off with the Lebanese mezze, such as tabbouleh (salad of tomatoes, parsley, onions and bulgur), baba ganoush, or hummus before moving onto a hearty tajine or a plate of roasted lamb with raisins and almonds.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate

    Chez Dimitri

    This spot has been around since 1928, when Chez Dimitri played a pivotal role as petrol station, transport hub, restaurant and even dance hall in the fledgling city. You can contemplate the past – old sepia prints line the walls – while dining on warm goat's cheese salad, lamb chops or the house speciality of moussaka.

  • Restaurants in Ait Ben Haddou

    La Terrazza

    Find real espresso-based coffee, paninis and crepes, pizza and pasta and more at this unexpected Italian-run joint just uphill from the river on the new side of town.

  • Restaurants in High Atlas Mountains

    Shems Al Jazeera

    You have to call ahead to eat here, but it's worth the effort. The meal begins with savoury seasonal salads that are a prelude to Demnate’s signature fine-grain couscous, decadently dressed with local olive oil and toasted local almonds. Afterwards, enjoy a refreshing dip in the courtyard pool (open in summer) and an excellent espresso in the garden. Though popular with tour groups at lunch, the quality makes it worthwhile for individual travellers as well. It's just near the gare routière (central bus station).

  • Restaurants in Ait Ben Haddou

    Chez Brahim

    Seek out Brahim's place for fantastic ksar (fortified village) views from the rooftop terrace or the pisé (rammed-earth) salon, complemented by a set menu including salads, tajine and dessert. It's hidden in the backstreets of the new village – turn at the alley to the left of Bagdad Cafe and walk about 200m. The same family also offers 10 pleasantly set rooms (doubles from Dh300) with fine views.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate


    Overlooking the lively square at the epicentre of Ouarzazate, Habous is the most popular place in town. It has a patisserie, cafe and restaurant, with plenty of outdoor seating for taking in life on the square. The restaurant side (on the right) serves up salads, brochettes, sandwiches, pastas and pizzas, plus steaks at reasonable prices.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate

    Accord Majeur

    After a week of desert dining, you may find yourself sleepwalking to this French bistro opposite the Berbère Palace. Here, in cosy nooks lit by a mellow, yellow glow from dozens of brass wall lamps, Aurélie and Charlie serve an impressive menu of confit du canard, foie gras, smoked salmon, beef carpaccio and even homemade ice cream.

  • Restaurants in Amizmiz

    Patisserie Zahra

    Displays overflowing with an abundance of tempting pastries are what will bring you in here, but it's the shaded terrace and smiling service that will convince you to return. The coffee is better than average as well. Find it 30m up the small street to the west of the taxi stand in the eastern section of town.

  • Restaurants in Imlil

    Cafe Atlas Toubkal

    Well-located above the Imlil Bridge, this cafe has a bit of everything: pizzas, brochettes (kebabs) and cakes. Head up to the roof deck for superb panoramas over the landscape – you'll have plenty of time to contemplate the view as you wait to be served. Also offers decent coffee.

  • Restaurants in Imlil

    Patisserie La Maison des Association

    Follow your nose to this tiny pastry shop hidden behind the main street for melt-in-your-mouth, almond-flavoured biscuits and honey sweets baked daily by Amazigh (Berber) village girls. Supported by the Kasbah Toubkal, this local association helps villagers learn and perfect new skills.

  • Restaurants in Ouarzazate

    Restaurant du Goût Chinois

    If you're looking for something completely different after too many days in the desert, a Hunanese owner and chef here ensures that you get an authentic 'taste of China', and the mostly Chinese clientele proves the point. The menu is in French and Chinese only.

  • Restaurants in Ait Ben Haddou

    Cafe-Restaurant Tamlalte

    Just on the new village side of the footbridge across from the ksar (fortified village), this laid-back eatery serves up an unsurprising selection of soups, salads, tajines and couscous. The best reason to come here is for the views from the terrace.