Bin El Ouidane

High Atlas Mountains

The dam at Bin El Ouidane provides the majority of the electricity in the region, but more importantly it's the location for the increasingly popular 11-day kayak school of Morocco Adventure & Rafting. Held once a year between April and May, the school spends two days on the lake running through the basics (no previous experience required) before launching off into the Ahansal Gorge.

What follows are seven spectacular days of running rapids through 3m-wide gorges, river camping and turtle-spotting before returning in a loop to the lake. Aside from being awesome fun, it's a wonderful way to visit the dramatic Cathédrale des Rochers and Ahansal Valley, and affords a dramatically different perspective of the sheer rock gorges from the valley floor. Groups are limited to 12 people and are accompanied by two guides, a safety kayaker and a photographer. Sleeping bags are also available for hire if you don't want to carry your own. Exclusive trips can also be organised for a minimum of six people.

A shorter, three-day rafting excursion down the Ahansal is also possible, as is canyoning, although a good level of fitness is required for the latter.

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