Must see attractions in Lombok

  • Sights in North & Central Lombok

    Gunung Rinjani

    Lording it over the northern half of Lombok, Gunung Rinjani (3726m) is Indonesia's second-tallest volcano. It's an astonishing peak, and sacred to Hindus and Sasaks who make pilgrimages to the summit and lake to leave offerings for the gods and spirits. To the Balinese, Rinjani is one of three sacred mountains, along with Bali's Agung and Java's Bromo. Sasaks ascend throughout the year around the full moon.

  • Top ChoiceSights in Kuta

    Pantai Mawan

    This beach is reason enough to venture down Kuta way. Some 8km west of Kuta and 600m off the main road, this half-moon cove is framed by soaring headlands with azure water and a swath of sand that's empty save for a fishing village of a few thatched houses. The beach is terrific for swimming. It has paved parking, some modest cafes and large trees for shade. Sun lounger rentals are 50,000Rp.

  • Sights in Kuta

    Tanjung Aan

    Some 5km east of Kuta, Tanjung Aan (aka A'an, Ann) is a spectacular sight: a giant horseshoe bay with two sweeping arcs of fine sand with the ends punctuated by waves crashing on the rocks. Swimming is good here and there are trees and shelters for shade, plus safe parking (for a small charge). Warung Turtle, at the east end of the beach, has cheery service and cheap beer, while the western headland Bukit Merese is worth climbing for spectacular sunsets.

  • Sights in Selong Blanak

    Pantai Selong Blanak

    Behold the wide, sugar-white beach with water streaked a thousand shades of blue, ideal for swimming. You can rent surfboards (per day 50,000Rp) and arrange for a boat out to area breaks (from 100,000Rp). The parking lot is just 400m off the main drag on a good road, the turn is 18km west of Kuta. The beach is popular with locals, loungers rent for 50,000Rp per day and there are lots of bamboo warungs.

  • Sights in Senaru

    Air Terjun Sindang Gila

    This spectacular set of falls is a 20-minute walk from Senaru via a lovely forest and hillside trail. The hardy make for the creek, edge close and then get pounded by the hard, foaming cascade that explodes over black volcanic stone 40m above.

  • Sights in Selong Blanak

    Pantai Mawi

    This is a surf paradise: a stunning scene, with legendary barrels and several more beaches scattered around the great bay. Watch out for the strong rip tide. There's parking and vendors; surfboard rental is 50,000Rp for two hours. The turn for the beach is 16km west of Kuta; it's then a 3km drive down a rough road to the beach.

  • Top ChoiceSights in Mataram

    Pura Lingsar

    Just 6km east of Mataram, in the village of Lingsar, this large temple compound is the holiest in Lombok. It was built in 1714 by King Anak Agung Ngurah and is nestled beautifully in lush rice fields. It is multi-denominational, with a temple for Balinese Hindus (Pura Gaduh) and one for followers of Lombok’s mystical take on Islam, the Wektu Telu religion.

  • Sights in Senaru

    Air Terjun Tiu Kelep

    A further 50 minutes or so uphill from the popular Air Terjun Sindang Gila is this waterfall with a swimming hole. The track is steep and guides are recommended (100,000Rp each; negotiable). Long-tailed macaques (locals call them kera) and the much rarer silvered leaf monkey sometimes appear.

  • Sights in Senggigi

    Taman Wisata Alam Kerandangan

    This pleasant, little-visited nature reserve is ideal for escaping the tourist bustle of Senggigi and indulging in a few hours of strolling in the rainforest. The Princess Twin and Swallow Cave waterfalls lie on the marked trail (which can get a little indistinct in parts) and there's the chance of seeing rare butterflies and black monkeys (alongside the common kind). To get here, head north of town to Mangsit, then take Jalan Wisata Alam inland through the Kerandangan Valley.

  • Sights in Senggigi

    Pura Batu Bolong

    It’s not the grandest, but Pura Batu Bolong is Lombok’s most appealing Hindu temple and is particularly lovely at sunset. Join ever-welcoming members of the Balinese community as they leave offerings at the 14 altars and pagodas that tumble down a rocky volcanic outcrop into the foaming sea about 2km south of central Senggigi. The rock underneath the temple has a natural hole, hence the name ( batu bolong literally means ‘rock with hole’).

  • Sights in Tetebatu

    Air Terjun Kelelawar

    On the southern slopes of Rinjani, the Kelelawar waterfall is accessible by a spectacular 1½km walk (one way) through rice fields from Tetebatu. Walk 1km further and you'll reach Koko Duren, tucked into a steep ravine. The path is not easy to follow so you'll need to hire a guide, who can take you to both waterfalls for 300,000Rp.

  • Sights in Tetebatu


    On the southeastern slopes of Gunung Rinjani east of Tetebatu, Sapit is a tiny, very relaxed village with views across to Sumbawa. Tobacco-drying open (tall red-brick buildings) loom above the beautifully lush landscape. Sapit makes a delightful, peaceful rural base for a few days well off the tourist trail.

  • Sights in Gili Gede & The Southwest Gilis

    Gili Asahan

    Gili Asahan is an idyllic spot: soothing winds gust, birds flutter and gather in the grass just before sunset, muted calls to prayer rumble, and the stars and moon light up the sky. Though not as suited for snorkelling as nearby islands, it makes up for it with some of the sandiest beaches in the Southwest Gilis.

  • Sights in Tetebatu

    Taman Wisata Tetebatu

    A shady 4km track leading from the main road, just north of the Tetebatu mosque, heads into this forest, where you'll find black monkeys – you'll want a guide, which you can arrange at your accommodation for around 500,000Rp, including stops at the nearby waterfalls.

  • Sights in Mataram

    Islamic Center Nusa Tenggara Barat

    Opened in 2016, and superficially damaged in the 2018 quakes, this towering green-and-gold mosque is the most striking building in Lombok, with fabulous views from the top of its tallest minaret (it rises 114m above Mataram). Foreigners in shorts will be provided with more modest clothing before entering.

  • Sights in Kuta

    Pantai Areguling

    Look for a steep track off the main coast road 6km west of Kuta. A rough 2km ride brings you to this broad bay with a wide beach of beige sand. It's a little scruffy, but you can't beat the sense of space. Construction on the headland foreshadows changes to come.

  • Sights in Kuta

    Pantai Seger

    Pantai Seger, a lovely beach about 2km east of Kuta around the first headland, has unbelievably turquoise water, decent swimming (though no shade) and a break 200m offshore. There are two more beaches nearby, a decent cafe and vendors renting snorkelling gear.

  • Sights in Ekas

    Heaven Beach

    Ask for directions to Heaven Beach for a real bit of sandy wonder. It's a stunning little pocket of white sand and surf about 4km from Ekas. Despite the omnipresent resort, you're free to access the shore: all Indonesian beaches are public.

  • Sights in Gili Trawangan


    See the spectacular sights from the only hill in the Gilis. During the August 2018 Lombok earthquake, more than a thousand tourists and locals slept atop this hill fearing an imminent tsunami (which, thankfully, never came).

  • Sights in Tetebatu

    Air Terjun Jukut

    A steep 2km hike from the car park at the end of the access road to Gunung Rinjani National Park leads to beautiful Air Terjun Jukut, an impressive 20m drop to a deep pool surrounded by lush forest.