Taman Wisata Tetebatu


A shady 4km track leading from the main road, just north of the Tetebatu mosque, heads into this forest, where you'll find black monkeys – you'll want a guide, which you can arrange at your accommodation for around 500,000Rp, including stops at the nearby waterfalls.

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1. Air Terjun Kelelawar


On the southern slopes of Rinjani, the Kelelawar waterfall is accessible by a spectacular 1½km walk (one way) through rice fields from Tetebatu. Walk 1km…

2. Air Terjun Jukut

1.24 MILES

A steep 2km hike from the car park at the end of the access road to Gunung Rinjani National Park leads to beautiful Air Terjun Jukut, an impressive 20m…

3. Kotaraja

4.03 MILES

The nearest market town to Tetebatu is Kotaraja, which is known for its blacksmiths. Kotaraja is also host to a Sasak stick-fighting festival each August…

4. Gunung Rinjani

8.72 MILES

Lording it over the northern half of Lombok, Gunung Rinjani (3726m) is Indonesia's second-tallest volcano. It's an astonishing peak, and sacred to Hindus…

5. Gunung Rinjani National Park

8.77 MILES

The official website for the park has good info and maps, and a useful section on reported scams by dodgy hiking operators.

6. Sapit

9.72 MILES

On the southeastern slopes of Gunung Rinjani east of Tetebatu, Sapit is a tiny, very relaxed village with views across to Sumbawa. Tobacco-drying open …

7. Air Terjun Sindang Gila

15.23 MILES

This spectacular set of falls is a 20-minute walk from Senaru via a lovely forest and hillside trail. The hardy make for the creek, edge close and then…

8. Air Terjun Tiu Kelep

15.61 MILES

A further 50 minutes or so uphill from the popular Air Terjun Sindang Gila is this waterfall with a swimming hole. The track is steep and guides are…