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The island is a cacophony of smells, swinging between coffee roasting in the hills, clove cigarettes, exhaust fumes and the unmistakable scent of the ocean. In the west, Labuan Bajo is a booming tourist town combining tropical beauty with nearby attractions such as Komodo National Park, superb dive spots and white-sand islands.

The east is attracting an ever-greater number of travellers chasing smouldering volcanoes, emerald rice terraces, prehistoric riddles, exotic cultures, hot springs and hidden beaches. Away from the port towns most people are nominally Catholic. Many more are part of cultures dating back centuries, living in traditional villages seemingly unchanged in millennia.

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Mirador by Air

Every day at 8:30 departing from Flores international airport. After taking off you will fly 26 minutes to Mirador about 500 feet above the jungle and lake of the region enjoying the views and explanations. Once landed in Mirador about 9:00am we start a guided tour to know more about the Mayan history, and for shure! climbing the massive pyramids. I provide you water and boxed lunch for the day. In Mirador we don't have mosquitos, don't worry, but if you think one or two of them are too much, bring bugspray, what is very important is a good sunscreen and walking shoes. We have lunch up on top of the tallest piramid 237feet tall enjoying just an amazing view. Back to the helicopter about 3:00pm to land back in Flores about 3:30 to 4:00pm.

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Tikal Full day Archaetour

8:00am to 8:30am Departure from your Hotel in Flores or the Flores airport to Tikal. In case of needing something extra stop along the way.9:00am to 9:30am Arrival to Tikal. Stoping twice at he park gates to show your park fees and the rangers will bring you bacelets before letting you go in.9:00am to 2:00pm Tour in the site. Visiting the most impresive estructures. Temple I, II at the Main Plaza, The tallest Temple IV, the second tallest Temple V, Seven Temples Square and The Lost World's Square.Through the history of humanity one of the most outstanding civilizations is that of the Maya group (B.C 2, 000 - A.D 1,697).The Chol group, an agriculture society belonging to the Mayan civilization, settled at the site currently called Tikal arround BC 700 until AD 1, 200 they building along hundreds of years one of the most important cities of the Mayan Lowlands at the Mesoamerican region now located in the northern side of Guatemala2:00pm to 3:00pm Lunch time. The lunch will be preordered in one of the restaurants of the site before the tour around. Please take care of informing of any special condition.3:00pm Back to Flores once the walking around the site is over.

$57 Outdoor Activities


• Start at 10: am at  Island of Flores,  • followed by a Boat trip to San Miguel,  • climb to the King Kanek lookout, you will also experience a visit Petencito Zoo were you can appreciate Jaguars, Pumas and Crocodiles!! • ancient Mayan city of Tayasal and a nice tour. Flores is located in the middle of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Implemented by UNESCO, this seeks to maintain the balance between human activities by including sustainability and conservation of the natural and protected areas. By bus or by car, travelers can reach Flores by  bus, or by airplane, since Flores hosts the second international airport in the country. Many shops in Flores offer souvenirs, jade and handicrafts shops for you to bring back home. There a couple of malls and you will find unique replicas of Mayan treasures.

$169 Outdoor Activities


Our tour will start at Flores, Petén,  at 8:00 am. Towards  Sayaxche direction to a special site to aboard the boat that will take you to La Pasion River Tour, and experience the nature from its peaceful waters.Next we will visit Ceibal Archeological site,  It consists of three groups of monumental structures, including plazas, pyramids, carved stone monuments, elite residences, and a ball court. The carved decoration at Ceibal is considered among the most beautiful in the Maya region, and includes a hieroglyphic stairway, stelae, and altars; we will return to Flores at 5:00 pm at the same start point place in Flores, Petén.

$169 Outdoor Activities


At 8:00 am, our guide will start the tour from Flores Petén towards  to Petexbatún Lagoon, were you will be able to contemplate a Beautiful Laggon on a boat surrounded by jungle. The tour includes a tour on a boat trough  calm waters and great view.Next we will have time to have a fast lunch to continue with the tour, to Aguateca Archeological site, a walk into this ancient site, and an explanation of the great History of the archeologial site. (Guide available in Spanish and English)Later at 5:00 pm the Guide will return you to the departure pont in Flores, Petén.

$114 Day Trips & Excursions


 The Tour will start at 5:00 am from Flores, Petén.We will pick up you at the lobby of your hotel in Santa Elena, Petén, or in front of the Hotel Ramada in Flores Island, Petén or At the Mundo Maya International Airport, Petén.Later we will go to the National Park Tikal, and observe birds in the humid tropical lowland forests surrounding the world famous ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal.The species you will appreciate:  Ocellated Turkey, Toucans, Green Parrots, and a great variety of birds, Our Tour is specializing in birding, nature, and nature photography.The tour have a time lapse of 4 hours, later we will return to Flores, Petén.