Wawo Muda


Wawo Muda (1753m) is the latest volcano to emerge in Flores, exploding in 2001 and leaving behind a mini-Kelimutu, complete with several small crater lakes coloured variously burnt orange, yellow and green. Pine trees charred by the eruption stand in isolated patches, and there are spectacular views of Gunung Inerie. The area is best visited in the wet season from December to March, if the trails are not too muddy. The lakes usually evaporate in the dry season.

To reach Wawo Muda, take an ojek to the village of Ngoranale, near Menge (100,000Rp return), then walk an hour up an easy-to-follow trail. Some ojek drivers may offer to take you the whole way up, as the path is doable on a motorbike. A car and driver will cost 700,000Rp round trip. You can get a local guide to accompany you for around 250,000Rp.