Must-see attractions in Historic Mitte

  • Topographie des Terrors, Museum

    Topographie des Terrors

    Historic Mitte

    This compelling exhibit tells stories of terror and persecution in Nazi Germany.

  • The Reichstag, Berlin.


    Historic Mitte

    It’s been burned, bombed, rebuilt, buttressed by the Wall, wrapped in fabric and finally turned into the modern home of the German parliament by Norman…

  • Deutsches Historiches Museum, Museum

    Deutsches Historisches Museum

    Historic Mitte

    If you’re wondering what the Germans have been up to for the past 1500 years, take a spin around the baroque Zeughaus, formerly the Prussian arsenal and…

  • The jewish memorial in central berlin, germany; Shutterstock ID 59438677; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

    Holocaust Memorial

    Historic Mitte

    Inaugurated in 2005, this football-field-sized memorial by American architect Peter Eisenman consists of 2711 sarcophagi-like concrete columns rising in…

  • Brandenburg Gate.

    Brandenburger Tor

    Historic Mitte

    A symbol of division during the Cold War, the landmark Brandenburg Gate now epitomises German reunification. Carl Gotthard Langhans found inspiration in…

  • Gendarmenmarkt

    Historic Mitte

    This graceful square is bookended by the domed German and French cathedrals and punctuated by a grandly porticoed concert hall, the Konzerthaus. It was…

  • 500px Photo ID: 75897459 - Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin - preserved as a tourist attraction

    Checkpoint Charlie

    Historic Mitte

    Checkpoint Charlie was the principal gateway for foreigners and diplomats between the two Berlins from 1961 to 1990. Unfortunately, this potent symbol of…

  • IM Pei Bau

    Historic Mitte

    High-calibre temporary exhibits, curated by the Deutsches Historisches Museum, occupy this spectacular contemporary annexe designed by Chinese-American…

  • Pariser Platz

    Historic Mitte

    Lorded over by the landmark Brandenburg Gate, this elegant square was completely flattened in WWII, then spent the Cold War trapped just east of the…

  • Tranenpalast


    Historic Mitte

    During the Cold War, tears flowed copiously in this glass-and-steel border-crossing pavilion where East Berliners had to bid adieu to family visiting from…

  • Museum fur Kommunikation Berlin, Museum

    Museum für Kommunikation Berlin

    Historic Mitte

    Three cheeky robots welcome you to this elegant, neo-baroque museum, which takes you on an entertaining romp through the evolution of communication, from…

  • Ort der Information

    Historic Mitte

    This chilling exhibit under the Holocaust Memorial examines personal aspects of this unfathomable chapter in human history by movingly lifting the veil of…

  • Staatsoper Unter den Linden

    Historic Mitte

    Berlin’s opulent state opera was commissioned as the royal opera house by Frederick the Great and designed by his friend and master architect Georg…

  • Deutsche Bank KunstHalle

    Historic Mitte

    In this small, elegant exhibition hall, Deutsche Bank presents changing high-calibre exhibits of contemporary art, especially from emerging art centres in…

  • Madame Tussauds, Museum

    Madame Tussauds

    Historic Mitte

    No celebrity in town to snare your stare? Don’t fret: at this legendary wax museum, the world’s biggest pop stars, Hollywood legends, sports heroes and…

  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt , Building

    Haus der Kulturen der Welt

    Historic Mitte

    This highly respected cultural centre showcases contemporary non-European art, music, dance, literature, films and theatre, and also serves as a…

  • Humbolt Universitat

    Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

    Historic Mitte

    Marx and Engels studied here, and the Brothers Grimm and Albert Einstein taught here: Humboldt is Berlin’s oldest university, founded in 1810 in a palace…

  • Friederichstadtpassagen, Shopping


    Historic Mitte

    This trio of shopping complexes (called Quartiere), built during the post-reunification construction boom years, never really succeeded at triggering the…

  • Nueue Wache, Monument

    Neue Wache

    Historic Mitte

    This temple-like neoclassical structure (1818) was Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s first important Berlin commission. Originally a royal guardhouse and a…

  • Konzerthaus Berlin, Opera


    Historic Mitte

    One of Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s finest buildings, the Konzerthaus (1821) rose from the ashes of Carl Gotthard Langhans’ Schauspielhaus (National Theatre)…

  • Paul Lobe Haus


    Historic Mitte

    The glass-and-concrete Paul-Löbe-Haus contains offices for the Bundestag’s parliamentary committees. It’s filled with modern art that can be viewed only…

  • Bebelsplatz


    Historic Mitte

    The heart of a cultural centre envisioned by King Frederick the Great, austere Bebelplatz is infamous as the site of the first full-blown public book…

  • Bundeskanzleramt


    Historic Mitte

    The Federal Chancellery, Germany’s ‘White House’, is a sparkling, modern compound designed by Axel Schultes and Charlotte Frank and consisting of two…

  • Franzosicher Dom

    Französischer Dom

    Historic Mitte

    The 1705 Französischer Dom was built by Huguenot refuges and consists of two buildings: the soaring domed tower and the attached Französische Kirche …

  • Deutsche Dom

    Deutscher Dom

    Historic Mitte

    The Deutscher Dom (German Cathedral) wasn’t much of a looker until being topped by Gontard’s dazzling galleried dome in 1785. Built as the Neue Kirche …

  • Trabi Museum, Museum

    Trabi Museum

    Historic Mitte

    If you were lucky enough to own a car in East Germany, it would most likely have been a Trabant (Trabi in short), a tinny two-stroker whose name (…

  • Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Tiergarten, Monument

    Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Tiergarten

    Historic Mitte

    Berlin lay in ruins when this imposing memorial was dedicated in November 1945. It is one of three in the city that honours the 80,000 Soviet soldiers who…

  • Reiterdenkmal Friedrich der Grosse, Monument

    Reiterdenkmal Friedrich der Grosse

    Historic Mitte

    Seemingly surveying his domain, Frederick the Great cuts a commanding figure on horseback in this famous 1850 monument that kept sculptor Christian Daniel…

  • St Hedwigs-Kathedrale Berlin

    Historic Mitte

    This copper-domed church (1773) was commissioned by Frederick the Great, designed by Knobelsdorff, modelled after the Pantheon in Rome and named for the…

  • Mauermuseum

    Historic Mitte

    The Cold War years, especially the history and horror of the Berlin Wall, are engagingly, if haphazardly, documented in this privately run tourist magnet…

  • Alte Bibliothek

    Historic Mitte

    Berlin's first library is a baroque beauty commissioned by Frederick the Great to shelter the royal book collection. Completed in 1780, its design mimics…

  • Site of Hitler’s Bunker

    Historic Mitte

    Berlin was burning and Soviet tanks advancing relentlessly when Adolf Hitler killed himself on 30 April 1945, alongside Eva Braun, his long-time female…

  • asisi Panorama Berlin

    Historic Mitte

    Artist Yadegar Asisi is famous for creating bafflingly detailed monumental photographic panoramas. In Berlin, the giant 'Die Mauer' next to Checkpoint…

  • Akademie der Künste – Pariser Platz

    Historic Mitte

    The only building on Pariser Platz with a glass facade, the Academy of Arts was designed by Günter Behnisch and is the successor of Berlin’s oldest…

  • BlackBox Kalter Krieg

    Historic Mitte

    This small exhibit right by Checkpoint Charlie provides an easily accessible chronicle of the Cold War using photographs, maps, original footage and…

  • Wall Memorial ‘Parlament der Bäume’

    Historic Mitte

    What looks like a post-apocalyptic garden is actually a memorial site created in 1990 by environmental artist Ben Wagin atop a section of the Berlin Wall…

  • Erlebnis Europa

    Historic Mitte

    In times when many question the future of the EU, this exhibit works hard to make the case for a united Europe. Funded by the European Commission, you can…

  • Schlossbrücke

    Historic Mitte

    Marking the transition from Unter den Linden to Museum Island, the Palace Bridge is considered among Berlin’s prettiest. Designed by Karl Friedrich…

  • DZ Bank

    Historic Mitte

    Constrained by rigid building regulations, architect Frank Gehry had to transfer his trademark sculptural approach to the atrium of the Berlin…