Pariser Platz

Historic Mitte

Lorded over by the landmark Brandenburg Gate, this elegant square was completely flattened in WWII, then spent the Cold War trapped just east of the Berlin Wall. Look around now: the US, French and British embassies, banks and a luxury hotel have returned to their original sites and once again frame the bustling plaza, just as they did during its 19th century heyday.

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1. DZ Bank

0.04 MILES

Constrained by rigid building regulations, architect Frank Gehry had to transfer his trademark sculptural approach to the atrium of the Berlin…

2. US Embassy

0.04 MILES

This fortress-like US Embassy opened in 2008 and was designed by the California-based architectural firm of Moore Ruble Yudell. It is not open to the…

4. Brandenburger Tor

0.05 MILES

A symbol of division during the Cold War, the landmark Brandenburg Gate now epitomises German reunification. Carl Gotthard Langhans found inspiration in…

5. Erlebnis Europa

0.07 MILES

In times when many question the future of the EU, this exhibit works hard to make the case for a united Europe. Funded by the European Commission, you can…

6. Madame Tussauds

0.12 MILES

No celebrity in town to snare your stare? Don’t fret: at this legendary wax museum, the world’s biggest pop stars, Hollywood legends, sports heroes and…

8. Ort der Information

0.16 MILES

This chilling exhibit under the Holocaust Memorial examines personal aspects of this unfathomable chapter in human history by movingly lifting the veil of…