Must-see attractions in Jutland

  • Legoland in Billund



    Mind-blowing Lego models, fun rides and the happy-family magic associated with great theme parks have transformed Legoland into Denmark’s most visited…

  • AARHUS, DENMARK âÂ?Â? JULY 15, 2015: Panoramic walkway created by Danish Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, in the rainbow colors on the roof of the art museum in Aarhus on July 15, 2015; Shutterstock ID 299623619; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

    ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum


    Inside the cubist, red-brick walls of Aarhus’ showpiece art museum are nine floors of sweeping curves, soaring spaces and white walls showcasing a…

  • Lego House


    In the heart of Billund, Lego House is a hands-on 'experience centre' with a thoroughly brilliant design that resembles a stack of 21 gigantic Lego bricks…

  • Path leading to the historic church of Jelling, Denmark.

    Jelling Kirke

    Central Jutland

    Inside this small whitewashed church, erected around 1100, are some vividly restored 12th-century frescoes; the main attractions, however, are the two…

  • Ribe cathedral at sunset, Ribe, Denmark.

    Ribe Domkirke

    Southern Jutland

    Dominating Ribe’s skyline is the impressive Ribe Cathedral, which dates back to at least 948 (the earliest record of the existence of a bishop in Ribe) –…

  • AARHUS, DENMARK - APRIL 12, 2015: Medieval houses the streets of  the old town Den Gamle By in Aarhus Denmark; Shutterstock ID 271673486; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

    Den Gamle By


    The Danes’ seemingly limitless enthusiasm for dressing up and re-creating history reaches its zenith at Den Gamle By. It’s an engaging, picturesque open…

  • Denmark, Jutland, Aarhus-Hojbjerg, Moesgard Museum, new exhibition buildling designed by Henning Larsen, exterior and roof

    Moesgaard Museum


    Don't miss the reinvented Moesgaard Museum, 10km south of the city, housed in a spectacularly designed, award-winning modern space. The star attraction is…

  • The lighthouse Rubjerg Knude in Denmark.

    Rubjerg Knude

    Northern Jutland

    About 14km north of Løkken (en route to the town of Lønstrup) is Rubjerg Knude, an area of sand dunes that show just how Mother Nature calls the shots on…

  • The old viking cemetery in Aalborg in Denmark, Lindholm Høje.

    Lindholm Høje


    The Limfjord was a kind of Viking motorway providing easy, speedy access to the Atlantic for longboat raiding parties. It’s not surprising, then, that the…

  • Thy National Park at the north sea coast in Denmark.

    Thy National Park

    Northern Jutland

    One of Denmark's handful of newly protected spaces, Thy National Park stretches 55km south along the North Sea coast from Hanstholm to Agger Tange,…

  • Entrance to the Tirpitz Museum, also called Blavand Bunker Museum.


    Southern Jutland

    Near the west-coast resort town of Blåvand, 38km northwest of Esbjerg, is this inspired new museum, which showcases Danish history alongside its knack for…

  • Grenen, Skagen, Jutland, Denmark, Scandinavia, Europe



    Appropriately enough for such a neat and ordered country, Denmark doesn’t end untidily at its most northerly point, but on a neat finger of sand just a…

  • Trapholt museum building, a museum of contemporary art and design located in Kolding, Denmark.


    Southern Jutland

    Design buffs should get out of town to the Trapholt modern art and design museum, housed in an architectural wonder in Kolding's residential northeastern…

  • Waterfront of Aalborg around Østre Havn quarter and Musikkens Hus, view from the boardwalk on Limfjord shore.



    The Aalborg waterfront promenade, extending east from Limfjordsbroen, is a great example of urban regeneration, taking what was a scruffy dockside area…

  • Koldingnus Castle


    Southern Jutland

    Koldinghus is Kolding’s extravagant showpiece, with the requisite turbulent history. A fortress occupied the land in 1268, while parts of the castle you…

  • Cemetery at the Mogeltonder Kirke church in Denmark.

    Møgeltønder Kirke

    Southern Jutland

    At the western end of Slotsgade is Møgeltønder Kirke, its lavish interior a feast for the senses. The Romanesque nave dates back to 1180 and the baptismal…

  • Sculpture of the three norns at the Ribe Vikingecenter.

    Ribe VikingeCenter

    Southern Jutland

    Embrace your inner Viking (ignore any pillaging tendencies, OK?) at this fun, hands-on, open-air museum. It re-creates a slice of life in Viking-era Ribe…

  • Facade of the art museum in a park in Ribe, Denmark.

    Ribe Kunstmuseum

    Southern Jutland

    An undeniable benefit of being the oldest town in the land is the opportunity to amass an impressive art collection. Ribe’s beautifully restored art…

  • The Utzon Center, a cultural center located in Aalborg waterfront designed by the famous Danish architect Jørn Utzon, who was raised in Aalborg, and his son Kim.

    Utzon Center


    This impressive 700-sq-metre design and architecture space, with its distinctive silver roofscape, sits pretty on the waterfront. It's the last building…

  • Randers Tropical Rain forrest, Regnskov.

    Randers Regnskov

    Central Jutland

    Randers' most-visited attraction is this dome-enclosed tropical zoo ('regnskov' means rainforest), where the temperature is always a humid 20°C to 30°C …

  • Skagens Museum


    This wonderful gallery showcases the outstanding art that was produced in Skagen between 1870 and 1930. Artists discovered Skagen's luminous light and its…

  • The colossal sculpture "Men at Sea" aka  "Mennesket ved havet“ by Svend Wiig Hansen on the shore near the Esbjerg's harbor.

    Mennesket ved Havet

    Southern Jutland

    On the waterfront opposite Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseet is Esbjerg’s most interesting landmark, Mennesket ved Havet ('Man Meets the Sea'): four stark-white,…

  • Indelukket in Silkeborg at the Gudenaa river, Denmark.


    Central Jutland

    Don’t miss a stroll through this picturesque riverside park – follow Åhavevej south to reach it. There’s a snack bar here, as well as mini-golf, a…

  • People in a courtyard cafe on Adelgade, a shopping street.


    Central Jutland

    Cobbled Adelgade is one of the loveliest main streets in Jutland, lined with pastel-coloured cafes and stores, and pretty courtyards. At its southern end…

  • Aarhus skyline over Dokk1 library in the harbour, Denmark.



    Opened in 2015 as part of Aarhus' large-scale waterfront regeneration, Dokk1 is the kind of public space Danes excel at, and houses Scandinavia's largest…

  • VadehavsCentret

    Southern Jutland

    About 10km southwest of Ribe, VadehavsCentret is a top-notch information and activity centre and the best source of information about the park. Inside a…

  • Kunsten


    Housed in a stunning white-marble building designed by the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, Kunsten is Aalborg's high-quality museum of modern art…

  • Gammel Skagen


    There’s a touch of Cape Cod in refined Gammel Skagen ('Old Skagen', also known as Højen), renowned for its gorgeous sunsets, upmarket hotels and well…

  • Museum Silkeborg

    Central Jutland

    Here you can check out the amazingly well-preserved body of the 2400-year-old Tollund Man, the central (albeit leathery) star in an otherwise smart but…

  • Homes on cobbled streets in Ribe.

    Historic Ribe

    Southern Jutland

    For a leisurely stroll that takes in some of Ribe’s handsome half-timbered homes and idyllic cobbled lanes, head along any of the streets radiating out…

  • Cathedral of Aarhus in Denmark

    Aarhus Domkirke


    With a lofty nave spanning nearly 100m in length, Aarhus Domkirke is Denmark’s longest church. The original Romanesque chapel at the eastern end dates…

  • Old dutch windmill on the wadden sea island Mandoe, Denmark.


    Southern Jutland

    At low tide, tractors haul buses 11km from VadehavsCentret, driving over the mudflats to deliver visitors to the small outlying island of Mandø. This…

  • Exterior view of the experience centre at the Jelling Monuments, (Kongernes Jelling), in Jutland.

    Kongernes Jelling

    Central Jutland

    Kongernes Jelling is a large interactive museum opposite the church, dedicated to Jelling at the time of the Viking kings. It provides enthralling insight…

  • Rollercoaster at Djurs Sommerland.

    Djurs Sommerland

    Central Jutland

    One of Djursland’s biggest drawcards is this much-hyped amusement park with arguably the best outdoor rides in Jutland (more than 60, including Denmark's…

  • The remains of the historic danish fortress known as "Kalø Slotsruin" from the bridge leading to the old entrance with the big tower still standing tall.

    Kalø Slotsruin

    Central Jutland

    South of Rønde is this popular feature of Mols Bjerge National Park. From the parking area and restaurant, a 500m causeway leads to atmospheric castle…

  • Inside Viborg Cathedral.

    Viborg Domkirke

    Central Jutland

    The striking, twin-towered cathedral is equally impressive inside and out, with frescoes, painted over five years (1908–13) by artist Joakim Skovgaard,…

  • Thy National Park at the North Sea coast in Jutland, Stenbjerg Landingsplads village, Denmark.

    Stenbjerg Landingsplads

    Northern Jutland

    A small visitor centre for Thy National Park lives at Stenbjerg Landingsplads, an atmospheric cluster of whitewashed fishermen's huts off Rte 181, halfway…

  • Tønder Museum

    Southern Jutland

    Three-in-one Tønder Museum houses Kulturhistorie Tønder, a collection of delicate Tønder lace and decoratively painted furniture. In the adjacent wing is…

  • Nordsøen Oceanarium

    Northern Jutland

    If you’ve always wondered what lurks beneath, head to the impressive North Sea Oceanarium, home to one of the largest aquariums in northern Europe. Here,…

  • Kattegatcentret

    Central Jutland

    If you fancy being just inches from a shark and in total control, you’ll love the glass tunnel at Kattegatcentret, where the focus is on surrounding…