Must see attractions in Algeria

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    One of the finest Roman sites in existence, the ruins of Timgad stretch almost as far as the eye can see over a plain that in winter is cold and desolate…

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    The spectacular ruined Roman town of Djemila (or Cuicul as it was then known) is small enough to breeze around in half a day. But spend longer here,…

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    Hippo Regius

    The vast ruins of the ancient Roman city of Hippo Regius, also known as Hippone, are among the most evocative in Algeria, stretched across a rolling site,…

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    Tipasa Archaeological Park

    The founders of Tipasa (as Tipaza was known during the Roman era) obviously had an eye for aesthetics. The town rolls gently downhill through pine trees…

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    Sétif Museum

    This central museum is one of the better museums in Algeria and it alone justifies a stop in Sétif. Displays are well laid out, lit and labelled (in…

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    Cherchell Museum

    This museum houses some of the finest sculptures and mosaics in the country. Among the highlights are marble busts of the royal family of Juba II, a rare…

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    Hovering on a barren mountain slope, some 30km from Constantine, the ruined Roman town of Tiddis is perhaps the most impressively situated of all Algeria…

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    The heart of the city is its ancient Casbah, a steep and narrow maze of streets just west of the Pl des Martyrs. There are several magnificent Ottoman…

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    National Museum of Antiquities

    The richness of Algeria’s heritage is brought home in this museum. The collection of antiquities is drawn from sites around the city and throughout…

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    National Museum Cirta

    Highlighting the numerous finds from excavations in and around Constantine and nearby Tiddis, there are some stunning pieces in this museum. The…

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    Lambaesis once served as the capital of Roman Numidia and was, for a long time, the partner and sometime rival of nearby Timgad. Yet the site has…

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    Djemila Museum

    Djemila Museum, which is within the ruins complex, is best visited before the ruins. It contains many of the wonders dug out of the ground here but the…

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    Dar Hassan Pacha

    Carrying the name of its original owner, Dar Hassan Pacha, this is one of the city's grandest mansions. The building now houses a collection of…

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    Annaba Museum

    On the hill above the Hippo Regius site, this museum displays many of the treasures found there and elsewhere in the vicinity of the town. The ground…

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    Palais des Raïs

    This palace is in fact a row of several large waterfront houses, joined to form a single compound. It is now home to the Centre des Arts et de la Culture,…

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    Djebel Murdjadjo

    Wherever you are in the city, there's no missing Murdjadjo, the wooded hill that dominates the skyline. The most obvious landmark is the fort of Santa…

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    Palace of Ahmed Bey

    The palace of Hajj Ahmed, the bey or ruler of Constantine from 1826, is one of the finest Ottoman-era buildings in the country. With a series of…

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    Roman Aqueduct

    A 10-minute drive east of Cherchell are the remains of a massive Roman-era aqueduct built by Juba II to bring water from a source 35km away. The 50m-high…

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    Basilica de Saint Augustine

    On a hill above the ruins of Hippo Regius, the Basilica de Saint Augustine was intended as a sign of France’s revival of past glory. The first stone was…