St Luc


At 1655m and a steep 5.5km up from Vissoie on the valley's eastern side, St Luc is often paired with Chandolin as their ski areas are interconnected. St Luc has its own funicular and some excellent hiking trails in summer. Views from the town include to the valley's 4000m peaks and the Matterhorn. If time permits, take the Planets Trail to Weisshorn Hotel.

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1. Vissoie

0.86 MILES

Medieval Vissoie, at 1200m and with a population of about 500, has been inhabited since the 13th century and acts as the main village and a crossroads for…

2. Chandolin

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3. Espace Ella Maillart

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If in Chandolin, make sure to visit Espace Ella Maillart, dedicated to the remarkable Swiss adventurer Ella Maillart (1903-1997), who lived in Chandolin…

4. Grimentz


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5. Vercorin

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