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The obvious belle of the ball is the coastline with its brilliant sandy beaches, heady cliffs and hidden rocky coves. But head inland and surprises await – architectural and archaeological gems litter the green, stony countryside. Most notably, a string of Pisan Romanesque churches testify to medieval glories and tumbledown ruins attest to the presence of thriving prehistoric communities.

A history of foreign rule has left an indelible mark on the area, not only in bricks and mortar but also in spirit. Alghero, the northwest's main gateway and a one-time Catalan stronghold, has a distinctly Spanish feel, while Sassari owes its cosmopolitan outlook to its past as a Genoese colony. In many ways, the entire area seems less Sardinian than other parts of the island, less rural and less reserved, but is no less enchanting for it.

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Sardinian Countryside Home Cooking Class with Lunch

Live an authentic culinary experience in Sardinia. Enter the farmhouse of Eugenio in Alghero and enjoy an amazing hands-on cooking followed by a convivial lunch with his familyIf you want to spend some time pleasantly in the countryside, with simple and friendly people who love company and good food, this experience is for you! The farmhouse is just a few minutes from the center of Alghero in an easy atmosphere, relaxing and of course really familiar. The location is just 8 km from Alghero.Eugenio adores cooking and hosting guests, together with the help of his wife, who is originally from the southern region of Sardinia. Together they’ve refined a menu of Sardinian specialties, using products and raw materials from the island, like fish and vegetables from the local market, and olive oil from Puglia. Get ready to learn some of the secrets of our cuisine and enjoy the meal with your friends and family. This is a typical menu you will prepare: appetizer: bruschetta with tomatoes ; cream cheese and rocket; vegetable fritters First, Sardi Gnocchi Sardi with lamb sauce Second: Scallops with lemon and roasted potatoes with rosemary Dessert : Squares of cottage cheese flavored with orange Sardinian red wine, Water and Mirto and limoncello, home made of course. Don't miss the chance to live this unique culinary experience.

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Nuraghe di Palmavera Admission Ticket

The nuragic complex of Palmavera is composed of blocks of limestone and sandstone and consists of a central body with two towers, a rampart and a village of about fifty huts. The village was built during three phases and the oldest structures date back to the 15th century BC. The part of the village that is visible today is only a quarter of its entirety at the time of the Bronze Age, in fact the original huts of the village are about two hundred. Among the most interesting elements of this site, we must first name the meeting hut, which is the largest of the whole complex with a political-religious role. Inside there is a model of nuraghe and a unicum of the Nuragic civilization, or the cylindrical seat-throne in sandstone. The main nucleus of the site corresponds to the two nuragic towers (main tower and secondary tower) enclosed by a partly collapsed bastion made of sandstone. The secondary tower has given its turn over time, unlike the Tower A, the main one, which is well preserved and can be visited in its fantastic and striking interior. The end of the village dates back to the 8th century BC, when a violent fire probably ended the life of this place. However, attendance during the III and II BC centuries is attested.

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Necropoli Anghelu Ruju (Alghero) Admission Ticket

The architecture of the tombs is often enriched with details inspired by the houses of the living (steps, pillars, frames, false architraves, false doors, false windows, etc.), taurine horns, engravings and reliefs in the larger rooms, probably funeral ceremonies.The findings found have returned archaeological materials of the Culture of Ozieri (4200 - 3400 BC) that attest to the first moments of use; subsequently many sepulchers were reused along the entire arch of the Eneolithic (3600 - 2100 BC). The domus de janas, sealed outside with lithic manhole covers, revealed collective burials of individuals placed above all in the supine position; however, there are no secondary depositions (remains of skeletal skeletons), examples of bodies in a fetal or ruined position and rare cases of semi-cremation.The dead were buried with useful and expensive objects in life, ornaments in stone and shell, vases, lithic or bronze weapons and female idols. In addition, remains were found that testify to the use of funeral meals inside the cells and at the entrances.

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Sardinian Special Dinner at a Fisherman's House in Alghero

Make your way to a local fisherman's home near Alghero to be welcomed in for a delicious 3-hour dining experience.Enjoy an amazing dinner with Consuelo and Eugenio, based on local culinary traditions.Eugenio adores cooking and hosting guests with the help of his wife, who is originally from the Western region of Sardinia. Together they have refined a menu of Sardinian fish specialties, using products and raw materials from the island, like fish and vegetables from the local market. Alghero has an important tradition of creating delicious recipes based on the lobster. Get ready to learn some of the secrets of Sardinian cuisine and enjoy the meal with new friends. This is the lobster menu that Consuelo has created for you: Starters with the fish of the day: Catalan-style fish, octopus with potatoes, marinated sardines, octopus in garlic sauce Linguine noodle with squid ink, or spaghetti with meat sauce of conger eel, and other filleted fish Lobster a la Catalana Dessert and coffee Local wine (quarter liter per person) and water Don't miss the chance to have this unique culinary experience. If you want to spend some time in the countryside with friendly people who love company and good food, this experience is for you.

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Full-day Alghero Tour with Wine Tastings and Lunch

One of Sardinia's most beautiful medieval cities, Alghero is the main resort in the northwest. The town hasn't given up its unique character and it retains a proud and independent spirit. Its animated historic centre is a terrific place to hang out, and with so many excellent restaurants and bars, it makes an ideal base for exploring the beaches and beauty spots of the nearby Riviera del Corallo. The main focus of attention is the picturesque centro storico (town centre), one of the best preserved in Sardinia. Enclosed by robust, honey-coloured seawalls, this is a tightly knit enclave of shady cobbled lanes, Gothic palazzi and cafe-lined piazzas. You will discover its beauties with your local expert guide strolling across the city centre.After the walking tour in Alghero, you will proceed visiting the Marine Protected Area of Capo Caccia for a panoramic tour of the coast. You will then visit a famous archaelogical site in the area where an ancient "Nuraghe" is located.After that you will visit a local winery and an olive oil producer, tasting their products and learning about ancient production methods, still used today.You will then move to an organic farmhouse for a full typical lunch during which you will have the chance to taste traditional Sardinian recipes combined with local wines.

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Alghero private walking tour with a local guide

Join this private walking tour led by a local guide to discover the beautiful city of Alghero, one of Sardinia's most picturesque medieval cities. Although largely given over to tourism, the town hasn't given up its unique character and it retains a proud and independent spirit.During this 2.5-hour your expert guide will take you to discover the secrets and the wonders of this ancient city, surronded by sturdy defence walls that were built between the 13th to the 16th century and characterised by the preserved usage of the Catalan language (and, for this reason, nicknamed “la Barceloneta”, little Barcellona).You will see the majestic Cattedrale (cathedral) di Santa Maria, the Piazza Civica, the Church of S.Francesco with its beautiful 13th century cloister and the Church of S.Michele, with its brightly colored majolica dome.Marvel in front of the 14th-century Torre Porta a Terra, which is all that remains of Porta a Terra, one of the two main gates into the medieval city. Then get to see Torre di San Giovanni, an impressive medieval tower now used to stage temporary art exhibitions.And there's so much more! Alghero's animated historic centre is indeed a terrific place to hang out, beside being one of the best preserved in Sardinia.Just one tip: don't forget to bring your camera with you!