Staying fit and healthy is all about routine, and sticking to the things that you know work best for you. But when it comes to taking a trip, that can quickly go out the window.

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Thankfully, today’s health-conscious travellers have a world of options available to them when it comes to wellness. Here’s a roundup of just some of the ways to stay healthy on the road. 

Keep moving with these hotels

Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness 

Recently, Hilton hotels piqued interest by announcing their Five Feet to Fitness offering, rooms that are available in over 15 different cities (including London, Memphis and Dallas) and include 11 pieces of fitness equipment and accessories that enable guests to work out in the privacy of their own rooms and in their own time. Rooms have a large “Gym Rax” storage bay packed full of gear, while in-room kiosks provide over 200 bespoke guided exercise tutorials and over 25 classes. Guests can go on an indoor cycling machine, take a TRX class or even practice mindfulness and guided meditation.

Even Hotels' thoughtfully designed escapes

With a number of chains across North America and one in Nanjing, China, the fitness-focused Even Hotels have been designed to centre on wellness, offering athletic studios, in-room training zones, group classes and more. Food options have been designed to accommodate a variety of diet specifications, whether you’re looking for heart healthy or gluten-free dishes. Even Hotels include specially designed “chill out spaces” in the building to help guests unwind after their workout is complete. 

Kimpton’s yoga-friendly offerings

This company boasts locations across the US, Asia and Europe, and provides yoga mats in every single room to help guests keep up with their routines while travelling. Some chains even host special rooftop or poolside classes, while hotels also offer public bikes that customers can take for a spin around the city. The hotels also include fitness centres and seasonal menus with fresh juices and healthy options. The hotel’s Chicago chain has a partnership with Lululemon, that has activewear for guests to rent or purchase, as well as custom running routes designed for morning, afternoon and evening.

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At Even Hotels, guests can take part in yoga, as well as group classes © 2018 Leonardo Worldwide Corporation via InterContinental Hotels Group.

Join a gym that’s always accessible 

Workout from anywhere with Anytime Fitness

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you’re someone who travels a lot internationally, becoming a member of a gym with locations all over the world makes sense. Anytime Fitness has been expanding at a steady rate, and even made headlines last April when it announced that it’s poised to make history by becoming the first gym with chains in all seven continents, thanks to a forthcoming location on-board Antarctica21 polar vessel: Magellan Explorer. A handy interactive map on the gym’s website lets customers browse if there’s a location nearby while they are travelling.

Find inner peace with Corepower Yoga

Corepower Yoga has locations across the US, including Arizona, Georgia, California, Hawaii, Illinois and Kansas. Most of the locations do not require reservations for classes, and members can drop in, buy a class pack or sign up for “Black Tag Membership” for unlimited yoga at any of the brand’s locations (extra charges apply at New York if it’s not where you joined). The latter deal also includes free workshops, exclusive retail discounts and 20% off teacher training. First-time students even receive a free week. The company also has a Yoga on Demand app with unlimited online classes.

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ClassPass allows users to search for exercise classes near them © Courtesy of ClassPass

Harness the power of apps 

Open yourself up to a world of opportunities with ClassPass

ClassPass offers monthly membership to over 20,000 fitness studios and gyms around the world. With activities ranging from bootcamps to slow flow yoga, it allows users to source workouts that are right for them straight from the app. It includes monthly plans and can filter by time, location and activity, and provides personal recommendations to users based on what they have shown interest in.

Get your own pocket personal trainer with Sworkit

This daily workout app allows users to concentrate on specific goals such as weight loss, muscle gain, improved flexibility and increased endurance. Available on iPhone, Android and online, it has varying levels, from absolute beginner to advanced, and has an exercise library that targets different muscle groups and parts of the body. 

Rest easy with Sleep Cycle

One of the most important parts of healthy living and recovery from exercise is getting proper rest. Sometimes, travel and good sleep can clash. There are now dedicated apps to help fight jetlag, helping travellers to adjust to shifting time zones. Another helpful product that has garnered lots of positive attention is Sleep Cycle, an app that analyses your sleep, waking you up at the perfect time so that you feel rested. By monitoring each individuals distinct sleep pattern, the app can ensure to set an alarm to go off during a period of “light sleep”, resulting in a more natural wake-up experience.

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