Wellness travel has been on a steady rise for years. In fact, according to the 2018 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, that particular traveler market is growing twice as fast (6.5%) as tourism overall (3.2%). By 2022, the market value is expected to reach $919.4 billion.  As travelers are clearly seeking to maintain their healthy home routines, hotels are trying to meet the demand. Good news for you health gurus: you can now book a wellness stay with one of the healthiest hotels in the world.

A photo partially obscired by some white flowers in a vase on the right-hand side. Beyond the flowers we can see a luxurious king-sized bed facing towards large glass doors showing a view of the Swiss Alps. A healthy hotel room with a view © Grand Resort Bad Ragaz 

“With the rise of wellness tourism, the expectation of destinations being healthy is ratcheted up that much more. Instead of it just being amenity based, the trend is to infuse invisible wellness and more throughout the property,” Beth McGroarty VP, Research & Forecasting for Global Wellness Summit, told Lonely Planet. “It’s breaking it out of the hotel walls in every way you can possibly imagine to make the overall experience healthier and more restful.” From in-room air filtration systems to offering specialty pillows, these are the healthiest hotel rooms in the world.

A photo of a specialised air purifier in an STG hotel room. The air purifier is black with a blue speech bubble on it giving information and instructions. There is a brown leather chair in the background and daylight coming through a white-curtained window St. Gregory Hotel in Washington DC have partnered with PURE to provide guests with super clean air © St Gregory Hotel

St. Gregory Hotel, Washington DC

Given the current political climate, Washington, DC is the perfect city to create a space for maximal relaxation. That’s what The St. Gregory Hotel is hoping to do by partnering with PURE. The team created allergy-free guest rooms and suites so guests can feel fresher, breathe deeper, and enjoy a healthy stay in the nation’s capital. Each PURE Wellness room reduces the impact of potential irritants through an in-room air filtration system which removes air particles.

They also sanitize the heater and air conditioner, complete a one-time shock treatment to remove any remaining allergy triggers, place a medical-grade air purification system in the room, and provide microfiber pillowcases and mattress covers to eliminate dust and dander. Phew! And breathe...

A large white bath is set in black marble in the centre of a large marbled bathroom. Behind the bath there is a wood-panelled sauna with a glass wall looking into the bathroom. Even the tap water in this hotel is healthy © Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Located in the Swiss Alps a short ride from Zurich, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the leading medical wellness center in Europe, offering amenities galore to help guests focus on their health. The resort’s Spa Suites are explicitly designed to help guests heal their minds and bodies. How? They use thermal water taps, which supplies the resort’s famed healing waters, right from the faucet.

According to the resort, the thermal waters were first discovered in 1242 and contain a special mineral composition that boosts metabolism and circulation, improves cardiac function, alleviates rheumatic ailments, nervous system diseases and combats lung and kidney issues. The rooms start at over $1,000 a night.

A photo of a king-sized bed with white linen and an elaborate dark-wooden frame set against an exposed stone wall This room is designed to help visitors acclimatize in Cuzco © JW Marriot El Convento Cusco

JW Marriott El Convento Cusco in Cuzco, Peru

Located more than 11,150 feet above sea level and built on the site of the 16th century San Agustin convent, the five-star JW Marriott El Convento Cusco is great at keeping their guests healthy and comfortable.  Each room includes a built-in oxygen system to help guests acclimate to the high altitude. Guests can breathe easy during their stay knowing they’re easing their bodies into the new environment.

Take note, hikers – rooms like this will make it easier to prepare for the Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. Plus, there’s always coca leaf tea available in the lobby to offset any discomfort still felt from the high altitude.

A woman is exercising over a yoga mat and looking at a dark mirror that is instructing her. She is wearing orange leggings and a navy top in a white room that is minimally decorated. Mandarin Oriental will be installing mirrors that coach visitors through workouts in select hotels © MIRROR

Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has long been a leader in the wellness space boasting more Forbes 'Five-Star Spas' than any other hotel company. So, when they were looking to up the ante on how to make their properties even healthier for guests, they turned to the mirrors.

The company is rolling out the high-tech, futuristic workout product Mirror in specialty suites across all properties in the USA. The full-length mirror, when turned on, transforms into an interactive on-screen trainer.  Guests will now have the luxury of choosing from a selection of in-room workouts, all available through this interactive home gym. And when it’s off, it’s just a normal sleek mirror.

A close up image of a silver shower nozzle with a special attachment to help purify the water. The attachment is a small plastic tube with brown-orange contents, helping guest taking the healthiest shower in one of the healthiest hotel rooms in the world. Even the showers at MGM Grand Las Vegas are designed to make guests healthier © MGM Grand, Las Vegas

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

The MGM Grand Hotel & Casino recently launched their Stay Well rooms. Developed by Delos (the innovator of Wellness Real Estate), the Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Deepak Chopra, the rooms feature several health and wellness technologies. Guests get purified air to reduce exposure to germs and allergens while non-toxic cleaning products and UV lighting are used to reduce bacteria and viruses.

There’s also a shower infuser that reduces chlorine; guests sleep on a natural memory foam mattress that’s meant to ease aches and pains. The coolest part of all has to be the specialty lighting; it’s programmed to reset your circadian rhythm to help you sleep better and energize you after a late night.

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