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Cua Dai Beach

Heading east of Hoi An, new housing and hotels mix with older rice paddies, and the riverbank meanders for around 5km to sandy beaches. This palm-fringed coastline extends north to Danang, and despite the development, there are still a few quieter stretches; it's a good area to explore independently on two wheels.

Nearest to Hoi An, Cua Dai Beach has a few big resorts, and an ongoing problem with beach erosion exacerbated by the past building of hotels. If you're staying here, your daily swim may need to be in the hotel's pool. Despite the smaller beach frontage, the increasingly busy scene at nearby An Bang Beach has now seen savvy Hoi An locals rediscover the attractions of Cua Dai. For a start, parking your bicycle or motorbike will be much easier at Cua Dai.

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