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Out Islands

The slightly twee sobriquet of 'Family Islands', coined by Bahamas Tourism to make them seem more inviting, has only caught on to a degree. The older name, 'Out Islands,' is still very much in currency, and you'll hear both used interchangeably. While not many objected to the rebranding, it was largely unnecessary: the 'Out Islands' – everywhere in the Bahamas beyond New Providence and Grand Bahama – include hundreds of stunning islands and cays, and already have an enviable reputation for peace, beauty and natural splendor. And families.

It's trite to say this is the 'real' Bahamas, but if you're seeking solitude, world-class diving, beaches of rare magnificence and a laid-back, welcoming culture then you'll probably say it anyway, about any number of these gorgeous specks of land.

The Out Islands Promotion Board (www.myoutislands.com) is the place to begin planning.

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