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Lucayan National Park

Top choice in Grand Bahama

This 16-hectare national park is Grand Bahama’s natural treasure. About 40km east of Ranfurly Circle, the park is known for its underwater cave system, which is one of the longest in the world. Visitors can easily check out two of the caves – Ben’s Cave and Burial Mound Cave – via a short footpath. Ben's Cave provides a refuge for tiny buffy flower bats, while bones of the island’s earliest inhabitants, the Lucayans, were discovered in Burial Mound Cave in 1986.

The park is also unique because it’s home to all six of the Bahamas’ vegetation zones. Mangrove trails spill out onto the secluded and beautiful Gold Rock Beach, definitely worth a stop if you’re out this way. You’ll see more raccoons and seabirds than people, but watch your food at the picnic area near the beach – the raccoons are unabashed (but harmless) scavengers.

For guided walking tours of the park, contact Bahamas EcoVentures, and for kayaking tours try Grand Bahama Nature Tours.

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