Must-see attractions in New Providence

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    Clifton Heritage National Park

    The scrub forest, wetlands, beaches and historic relics of Clifton Heritage National Park narrowly avoided being bulldozed to make space for new tourist…

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    National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

    Anchoring the West Hill St tourist enclave, the National Art Gallery is a welcome oasis inside the stately 1860s-era Villa Doyle and one of the gems in…

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    Graycliff Cigar Co

    Wandering into this cigar factory is like falling into 1920s Cuba. In a narrow, smoke-yellowed room with old-fashioned mosaic floors, torcedores (cigar…

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    John Watling's Distillery

    Watling's, relatively new to the Bahamian rum-distilling game, has found a home in the beautifully restored 18th-century Buena Vista Estate, its extensive…

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    Junkanoo Beach

    Between downtown Nassau and Arawak Cay, Junkanoo is popular with locals and visitors alike, with beach-shack bars, volleyball nets, sky-juice vendors and…

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    Discover Atlantis Tour

    Strolling through a glass tunnel while sharks glide overhead is, simply put, awesome. This thrill is found in the Predator’s Lagoon, one of the exhibits…

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    Pirates of Nassau

    It's hard to ignore the pirate pacing outside and posing for selfies on the pedestrianized strip off George St. The walk-through exhibition space trades…

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    Government House

    This splendid Georgian mansion, residence of the governor-general, surmounts Mount Fitzwilliam (central Nassau's low hill) like a festive pink cake…

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    Cable Beach

    New Providence’s biggest and most popular beach is five curving kilometers of white sand and sparkling turquoise sea, just west of downtown Nassau. Named…

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    Graycliff Chocolatier

    Completing the Graycliff's Heritage Village trifecta (wine, chocolate and cigars), this boutique chocolate factory uses Caribbean cacao to produce a wide…

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    Doongalik Studios

    Offering an eclectic window into modern Bahamian art, Doongalik runs exhibitions on solo artists' work, and everything from quilts to straw crafts and…

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    Cabbage Beach

    While the west end of this stretch of sand – one of the more popular in New Providence – is obscured by the Atlantis resort, there is public access to the…

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    Heritage Museum of the Bahamas

    Mostly comprising a substantial private collection of antiques and artifacts relating to the history of the Bahamas, this small museum covers a lot of…

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    Jaws Beach

    Jaws Beach – so named for its role in a climactic scene in the eponymous movie franchise – is part of the Clifton Heritage Park area, and thus protected,…

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    Bahama Barrels

    The Bahamas' first winery, in the former Sisters of Charity chapel, is the latest Graycliff venture. You can sample wines for free and chat with the…

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    Delaporte Beach

    Delaporte is a little quieter than the resort-backed, vendor-strewn Cable Beach to the east, with the same sand and the same sea.

  • Fort Charlotte

    Built between 1787 and 1790 to guard the west entrance to Nassau Harbour, this massive fort was the pet project of Lord Dunmore, who named it after King…