Rawson Square


Rawson Square is a natural place to begin exploring Nassau, and a meeting-point for guided walks. Nearby is a life-sized bronze statue of a Bahamian Woman holding a child, which honors the role of women during ‘years of adversity.’ In the center of the square is a bust of Sir Milo Butler, the first governor-general of the independent nation, and a fountain pool with leaping bronze dolphins. Parliament Square, the seat of government, lies immediately south.

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Nearby Nassau attractions

1. Parliament Square

0.04 MILES

The area immediately south of Rawson Sq on Bay St is known as Parliament Sq. On three sides of the square nestle three pink-and-white Georgian…

2. Prince George Wharf

0.07 MILES

The historic cruise-ship wharf, north of Rawson Sq and Bay St, is the gateway to Nassau for more than a million visitors a year. Fronted by bustling…

3. Nassau Public Library

0.12 MILES

For chills with your historical thrills, stop by this 1797 pink octagon, once a jail and workhouse for the poor. The cells are now tranquil reading nooks,…

4. Bahamas Historical Society Museum

0.22 MILES

Documents, household artifacts, pirate engravings, model ships and more tell the story of 500 years of life in the Bahamas at this small but engaging…

5. Balcony House Museum

0.23 MILES

Thought to be the oldest surviving residence in Nassau (it dates to just after the American Revolution, and was built by Loyalists fleeing the fledgling…

7. Pirates of Nassau

0.25 MILES

It's hard to ignore the pirate pacing outside and posing for selfies on the pedestrianized strip off George St. The walk-through exhibition space trades…

8. Government House

0.32 MILES

This splendid Georgian mansion, residence of the governor-general, surmounts Mount Fitzwilliam (central Nassau's low hill) like a festive pink cake…