Cabbage Beach

New Providence

While the west end of this stretch of sand – one of the more popular in New Providence – is obscured by the Atlantis resort, there is public access to the east. When the Atlantic isn't kicking up a fuss, it can be a pleasant place to swim, snorkel or just stretch out. Water sports including banana boats, Jet Ski rental, parasailing and more are available.

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Nearby New Providence attractions

1. Versailles Gardens


This hushed, symmetrical formal garden is the last thing you expect to find on bling-lovin’ Paradise Island, but here it is. The terraced landscape is…

2. Discover Atlantis Tour

0.73 MILES

Strolling through a glass tunnel while sharks glide overhead is, simply put, awesome. This thrill is found in the Predator’s Lagoon, one of the exhibits…

3. Cove Beach

0.89 MILES

East of Cabbage Beach, this beach is favored by day-trippers on picnicking and snorkeling excursions from Nassau.

4. Fort Montagu

0.91 MILES

Dating to 1741, this limestone fort is the oldest on the island, built to guard the eastern approach to Nassau Harbour. It's well preserved and worth a…

5. Paradise Beach

0.96 MILES

Another beauty, Paradise Beach curves gently along the northwest shore of the island. The resorts have their own facilities, but nonguests pay for…

6. Doongalik Studios

1.15 MILES

Offering an eclectic window into modern Bahamian art, Doongalik runs exhibitions on solo artists' work, and everything from quilts to straw crafts and…

7. The Retreat

1.43 MILES

Established in 1977 as the first national park on New Providence, this 4.5-hectare property re-creates a Bahamian hardwood forest and is a refuge for bird…

8. Bahamas Historical Society Museum


Documents, household artifacts, pirate engravings, model ships and more tell the story of 500 years of life in the Bahamas at this small but engaging…