Across the river and next to the Science Park is the city's most exciting new building – the epitome of green engineering. Kuggen, or 'Cogwheel', resembles a bright red Colosseum, only with triangular windows that make maximum use of daylight and a host of eco-credentials that include adaptive ventilation and interactive heating and cooling systems. Take the Älvsn ferry from the Rosalund stop along Skeppsbron to Lindholmspiren.

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Nearby Gothenburg attractions

1. Sjöfartsmuseet

0.57 MILES

Sjöfartsmuseet focuses on the city's maritime history through an entertaining collection of maps, model ships, recreated sailors' quarters, and period…

2. Masthuggskyrkan

0.63 MILES

One of Gothenburg’s most distinctive buildings, this is a welcome landmark for sailors and is a smashing viewpoint over the western half of the city…

3. Linné District

0.63 MILES

The Linné district holds fast to its grungy roots, especially along the Långgatan streets. Here, hip cafes, junk shops and street-smart boutiques mix with…

4. Maritiman


Near the opera house, the world’s largest floating ship museum is made up of 20 historical crafts, including fishing boats, a light vessel and a…

5. Haga District

0.82 MILES

The Haga district is Gothenburg’s oldest suburb, dating back to 1648. A hardcore hippie hang-out in the 1960s and '70s, its cobbled streets and vintage…

6. Feskekörka

0.84 MILES

This peculiar fish market is shaped like a church. You may see the odd bride and groom posing with the shellfish; they're not lost – it's just that the…

7. Stadsmuseum


At Stadsmuseum, admire the remains of the Äskekärrkeppet, Sweden’s only original Viking vessel, alongside silver treasure hoards, weaponry and jewellery…

8. Kronhuset

0.96 MILES

The city’s oldest secular building, Kronhuset is a former arsenal built in Dutch style between 1642 and 1654. It was here that Karl X held the disastrous…